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03 Oct 2015 21:34:28
The talk at ibrox today was that rangers have now started the process of recruiting a new chief scout which will now move forward with the club starting to interview candidates who they feel will fit the criteria, some of the names being banded about today were-brian laudrup, arthur numan, neil mccann, terry butcher, rino gattuso

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03 Oct 2015 23:33:06
I like listening to Niel McCann.Lad seems a decent and articulate guy. Terry and Rino really don't rock my boat.

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03 Oct 2015 23:51:50
Super idea! Needs to be someone with a bit of international standing IMO, so I would probably rule out the two Brits but the others seem like sound choices. Before anyone has a go, I hold Butcher and McCann in very high esteem.

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01 Oct 2015 09:41:11
I've got a very good mate from perth who's a big rangers fan and he's telling me that the word coming from a current st .johnstone player is that we're very interested in signing st. johnstone forward michael o'halloran in January, warburton & weir rate him highly as he's got pace, can easily go past players and can score goals, both warbs & weir feel they can improve o'halloran even further and develop him into the finished article and top class player, I myself think he is a good player and the makings of a very good player, time will tell if this source is correct and o'halloran does sign for us in January

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01 Oct 2015 17:23:18
It's possible,, but not for me imo,, we should be aiming for a better standard that St. johnstone for future players

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02 Oct 2015 00:35:30
He comes from Moodiesburn and from what I've heard, he's a fanatical Tim, such so he would never dream of signing for us. Shame as he's a decent player

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02 Oct 2015 14:23:12
The seeker, you can never say never in football mate, how many times over the years have you seen players who support one side going to play for the other side both ways, barcabear9, I can't get your statement because o'halloran currently plays for st. johnstone that he can't or never will be rangers standard.

o'halloran is already a good player and I'm quite sure 'the magic hat' & big davie weir would develop him even further into a great player as undoubtedly o'halloran possesses all the attributes to develop to a higher level. look at the young players warbs has already signed and most of us wouldn't have imagined them being signed by rangers and warbs has made them better already in the system he's moulding them into playing.

that's where your argument regarding o'halloran or any other small club signing warbs makes being deemed not good enough for us gets blown out of the water, we have to trust our tremendous management team and wait and see mate!

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02 Oct 2015 15:49:22
I can confirm what seeker says is 100% accurate, but until the prospect of an offer to treble your money is on the table we'll really never know if it's enough to overrule his heart. It was for Alan but not everybody's like him. Personally I'd suspect not but you never know.
I agree he's already a good player and I know for a fact the boy is very clean living and ultra fit. Regardless of his allegiances he is exactly warburtons type, young, fit hard working, and willing to improve.

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02 Oct 2015 16:27:40
Aye Gazza, I suppose money does really talk. Don't know about you but I always try and put myself in their shoes and consider the fact that I'm a fanatical Gers fan playing for a provincial side and get the shout from the Eastenders.

Multiply your current weekly wage 50 times to get the annual figure, and then do the same with their proposed offer - I suspect that might just sway it.
But then picture you're playing in an Old Firm cup final and it's 0-0 going into injury time. The ball swings into the box. You rise at the back post. The goalie's flapping. He's going to get nowhere near the ball. It's a free header.....
What do you do?

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02 Oct 2015 18:34:33
Hear what your saying seeker, all I can say is you would hope after joining any player would start to broaden their mind and start to really feel a part of the club. That's been the case in the past. I can't remember dalglish ever hesitate against us, certainly not McCann or even wee Johnston, they all pulled the trigger when it mattered

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02 Oct 2015 22:36:19
Fair point Gazza mate

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03 Oct 2015 14:17:17
Not that I think it going to happen honestly, but would it not be (technically) the first admin? So you guys would not get deducted as much as 25 points??

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03 Oct 2015 18:06:37
Second Admin, 25 points deduction. Same club since 1872. End of

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30 Sep 2015 07:17:05
The irish guy has said we will have to make a decision about murray park and Ibrox by the 20th of Oct- I know but he does have a insider ear. would we put up with not training at murray park and Ibrox only open on matchday if it helped us survive

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30 Sep 2015 09:22:58
Can someone explain to me all this chat about admin and not surviving. Have I missed something here??

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30 Sep 2015 22:59:15
seems the season ticket money is nearly gone, never mind D King will jet in soon still got £28.5m of his children`s £30m inheritance to keep the club ticking over until, as Waghorn says the champions league money rolls in next season.

D King all talk no action..

hear their looking for a song for waghorn, "day dream beleaver" sounds a good shout.

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01 Oct 2015 12:05:00
It amazes me that you all seem shocked. You act as if all these problems just disappear because you are winning some games now. You are still in dire straits. 25 point deduction would be a killer blow. But it's looking very likely.

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01 Oct 2015 12:38:26
We all knew we would need loans from king to keep us going till end of the season, we will not be deducted 25 points because we will not enter administration

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01 Oct 2015 14:17:57
King, Gilligan and 3 Bears have the financial backing of the entire Rangers community now. Including many wealthy individuals that would have invested to avoid the Admin previously had we not had the Big Tax Case hanging over us with it's Media exaggerated £100 million black hole hanging over us to put off 99% of investors.

Add to this annual season ticket sales of £12m+ when in SPFL and extremely lickelyhood that we will have at the least Europa Cup games.

After the Fraud Trial and possibly even before we shall see Rangers released from the grip of the Ashley Retail deals as clearly these are part of Greens sabotage of Rangers to the gain of himself Ahmad Stockbridge and their cronies.

Where in your inept calculations bearing mind all this PLUS Supporters Groups now organised that could get the vast numbers of Rangers fans to invest personally.

were these claims ever to be close to being true, do you work out Rangers will be in a 2nd Admin?


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01 Oct 2015 17:17:47
Rangers will not be going into a second admin, that I can promise, their is no media shouting from the rooftops about the 100 million fine for anyone who buys gers Mr king and the 3 bears and other wealthy investors will never let it happen.

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03 Oct 2015 08:44:50
There will be no more loans form King and co at this time.....there will be an excuse coming from Ibrox about not being able to be re-listed because of the ongoing court cases on Green etc and us having to funds his legal team.......our directors will ask us the fans to dig deep,, for the next few months to keep the club afloat....... then and only then will they look to take a point deduction if need be,,, hopefully will have league done and dusted by then,,,,, and it will not overly affect us...... the only worry I could see from this scenario is that either Hibs or Falkirk etc start winning every week like we are.
Interesting few months over Christmas period,,, which will break us or make us......from this weekend until end of January we have around 15 games(45pts) to accumulate.. playing our nearest rivals twice in that period.....if all goes well we be sitting with around69pts,,,, and rivals by then around 30 pts behind. deduction possible without harming promotion.

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28 Sep 2015 17:13:26
Been informed by my all knowing taxi driver that Warburton has 3 targets in January, Aaron Spear, Alan Gatagov and Connor Hunte. I've never heard of any of them but then i'd never heard of most of the players he's signed so far and they seem to be doing ok. don't know where my cabbie gets his info from but he has been right a few times over the years, including the Paul Gascoigne signing a few weeks before it broke in the news.He also told me Kenny Mcdowall would take over from Mccoist before it was in the papers, so he's not full of hot air, seems to know what's going on.

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28 Sep 2015 18:44:59
No matter what it is cabbies know

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29 Sep 2015 13:12:39
Have to disagree davie, I bet they don't know what I had for breakfast today.

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29 Sep 2015 20:17:05
Im no cabbie but bet i could guess.........gota be the great british breakfast don't it.....cup of tea an a fag

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24 Sep 2015 21:22:35
The experienced defensive midfielder I'd like to see us going for is ex brentford player jonathan douglas, he would without question give our two centre halfs that extra protection that we do require with the system the magic hat wants us to play as our defence does hold a very high line

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24 Sep 2015 21:49:35
Ian sure Douglas has sat on bench at Ipswich all season plus he is 33 now but know where you are coming from, it was all set up this season for Murdoch to take holding role as halliday is a natural winger and we got rid of McGregor, he hardly played centreback but it's his natural position and always looked good for us when playing there, he got player of the year and Murdoch ypy both gone trust the hat fully but he needs some dave king backup which is never going to happen

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24 Sep 2015 20:13:39
heard a rumour that mccoist was in running for the motherwell job, god help them

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24 Sep 2015 20:46:37
Queens 11, we need to move on from this continual slagging off of our legendary goalscorer ally mccoist mate. I agree he wasn't the best of managers/coach but he did have to put up with a horrendous sideshow while trying to be the rangers manager.

no manager in our history or in our future will ever have to go through what he went through and that's a fact mate. I'm not saying he was a brilliant manager for us but he'll always be super ally to me and he gave me many a good celebration party when he was a player with his undoubted ability to score very important goals for us.

I as a continued season ticket holder would rather now focus on the here and now and the terrific management team of warburton and weir and the cracking rebuilding job they're doing for our wonderful football club.

it wouldn't surprise me if mccoist did become the new motherwell manager and with much less pressure, I think he would do fine as their manager. I would certainly wish him all the very best if he did get that job

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24 Sep 2015 21:06:38
Couldn't have put it better myself, nice comments fifteenth my man

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25 Sep 2015 09:12:18
Not many managers in are history have took more money from the club either!

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25 Sep 2015 11:38:35
hooly78 well said that man

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25 Sep 2015 22:24:33
No other manager went without pay for as long too man is a hero in my book took so much but will always be super ally to me.

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26 Sep 2015 08:51:23
Sorry Lummy he has been well paid for past services,,, his stance of not "walking away" when he was not up to the job ahead will always leave a bitter taste in my and many others mouths. Super Ally was unfortunately lining his pockets with old regime... backing everyone of the spivs brought in at the end....as directors. He could have done the decent thing and saved us many millions by leaving instead he sat at home and watched us implode last season I'm not forgiving him on that alone....... he is a money grabbing self centred little person for that,, and if he manages to get another job at sky or bt IL be binning that from my Tv viewing....hopefully he never shows a face at Ibrox ever again.

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26 Sep 2015 10:11:03
It's all about personal opinion I suppose, he'll always be a rangers legend to me as I quoted in my original post and I'm in total agreement with lummy as sometimes people don't analyse the sacrafices mccoist did make regarding as lummy said taking no wages for 6 months and dropping to half pay to help the club.

it's not a matter of saying mccoist could afford to do that he didn't need to BUT he did it whereas ge wasn't entitled to as he was given a contract irrespective if he was being paid too much or not, for the record I thought he was paid too much for being a 3rd division manager at the time, people only want to see the bad things regarding mccoist instead of looking at the whole picture.

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26 Sep 2015 19:32:04
Here here 15th. He is and always will be SuperAlly. Let's leave him alone now and move on please guys.

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28 Sep 2015 18:49:00
Always be superally to me.

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01 Oct 2015 11:12:39
Folk on here complaining about mccoist backing previous regimes. All I have to say is if I or anyone else went to the media and publicaly criticised our bosses we would all have been for the high jump. One of the greatest ever Rangers and all time top goal scorer. Always super Ally.

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02 Oct 2015 00:54:59
i think everybody will have there own opinions of SUPER ALLY but let's be honest when EVERY and let not kid ourselfs on EVERY rangers fan thought when green came in and he was the saviour with his attacks on the Sfa and SELECTIVE BANNING OF REPORTERS when the story/headline never suited it was ally that put his neck on the line time and time again.

yes he took a nice wage but that was what the board thought he was worth so anybody here thay says they wouldn't have signed the contract when they have family, mortgage etc to pay then you're delusional.

the guy worked with a bunch of overated has been players that weren't up for the cause and every last one of them got off scott free without much blame. correct me if am wrong but i don't even think we had a scout, never mind a scouting system. so ally took chances on players and yeah it failed but at LEAST HE TRIED.

further more he was then stabbed in the back numerous times by the same board he helped sell the season tickets for. god, i mind seeing the queues around ibrox. everybody wanting to by them for the cause and ally and that SNAKE green were out with teas and coffees. so yeah maybe in another world things would've been different but he'll always be super ally to me ..

though maybe he's better sticking to QOS (QUESTION OF SPORT NOT QUEEN OF THE SOUTH BTW LOL ) cause his tactics are shocking

Sorry about the rant bears ..feel better now. In Warb & Weir We Trust.

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23 Sep 2015 13:52:40
Hi guys, pure gutted about last nights score but do you know what it might turn out to be a blessing for us. yeah a cup run would have been nice but it's all about promotion and it might also lower the fans expectations about us being ready to face teams like Celtic. I still have full faith in the magic man but I'm just a little bit concerned that teams now know how to set up against us but hey we were going to lose at some point anyway heads up bears.

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23 Sep 2015 15:31:11
People may disagree with this but I think we should maybe look at bringing in Michael O'Halloran of St Johnstone in January I saw him last night in the league cup at Ibrox and his pace really ripped us to shreads and he can also score goals. I think he would be a great asset to us as his pace would cause a lot of teams bother.

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23 Sep 2015 17:04:46
not for me Craig,, although he looked good last night can he do it every week? Also we should be looking to buy a better standard of player if we want to give Celtic and Aberdeen a challenge next year, I think if we really are to challenge them we will need to spend at least 15 million but I can't see that happening, just my opinion tho guys

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23 Sep 2015 22:16:38
Craig he certainly has the pace we need up front, but think you'll find the boy wouldn't be interested in pulling on the blue jersey

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24 Sep 2015 09:37:02
Why because he's a celtic fan well look at Scott Allan, Rangers fan and playing for celtic.

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24 Sep 2015 12:43:56
We need to be looking at a standard of player that is better than not the same as spl level.

I have had pelters for pointing this out before. Our weakness in defence and lack of guile in attack was ruthlessly exposed.

MW might have us going in right direction but there is major work ahead as our current side would struggle horribly in the spl. We must start adding some proper quality come January window. Yes the current side will probably run away with championship but it's not good enough for the next step.

In many ways this result was a good thing as it is a wake-up call and a dose of reality- some fans have been getting carried away big time.

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24 Sep 2015 14:45:38
Luigi in with his usual optimism lmao

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24 Sep 2015 21:37:07
Lighten up man. Hibs had a great win against the team at the top of the Premier League. A team that beat Celtic with 10 men last week. And Saints beat Celtic at Parkhead last season. Are you telling me we are not ready for the top flight? I know it can't happen but I'd be willing to bet we'd beat Saints if we played them next week. We're not a bad side believe me!

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29 Sep 2015 10:56:15
Ryan Jack should be the first name on our wanted list.

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02 Oct 2015 01:02:01
Spend £15 Mill, wheres this money coming from ?..would most rangers fans on here not be intrested in taking a leaf out celtics books (god did a just say thay)but there buyin players for a couple of mill if that and selling them on for a nice profit ..surely YOUTH is the way forward for us not some over the hill looking for a pension top up amd some silverware that's no re sale vale when we could have a group of hungry young lads that would love to run out to 50,000 singing simply the best and would put heart and soul into the famous jersey ?.

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22 Sep 2015 23:26:51
Everyone needs to calm down I am not happy with the result but I think it is what we needed the players will learn more from the defeat than 11 wins now the season will really start and we want the Scottish cup anyway and don't forget this team have been together for a few months so onwards and upwards Morton will get the back lash

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23 Sep 2015 07:30:57
I don't think we were actually as bad as was made out we hit the bar and missed a sitter. They were clinical with great goals to be honest. The goals could have been avoided with tigher marking but wr have to move on.

They are used to playing at a higher level and match so perhaps we would need a few of these games to get upto speed.

Hopefully we can go on a decent Scottish Cup run but ultimately the main goal is promtion and i'd be absolutely thrilled with that.

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23 Sep 2015 09:14:16
I have to agree camoo we made mistakes last night and got punished. If waghorn had of scored that header I think we would of levelled the match. My only criticism is that we need a strong holding midfielder to protect the back 4 and against better opposition haliday is showed up as not a holding midfielder. I'd give dominic ball ago in that position.

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23 Sep 2015 09:20:12
We had 12 shots they had 6, we had only 2 + 1, that hit the bar, on target they had 4, basically their goalie made 1 save.
We had 60 % possession and were unable to use it. Loved Warb's post match comments.

I posted recently I thought we were mid-table premier standard, last night has not changed my mind. Best of luck to St. Johnstone in the cup. I really hope we get them in he Scottish cup and see what we have learned.

I am yet to be convinced on our goalie, we all know we are light in numbers for cover in defence, midfield did not create enough and we obviously need a striker. I am convinced the manager and board well address at least most of these areas before next season.

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23 Sep 2015 08:13:57
ur right i don't think we were as bad but for the first timewe lost thhe first goal and lady luck was not with us we had our moments if waghorn had scored at 3 1 we might have got something and as i thought the centre of defence was frail but i have thought that from the start but tommy wrights tactics were spot on i must also say no blame can be attached to the goalkeeper

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23 Sep 2015 08:32:44
I think we were poor but agree with the rest of what you say.
It was like watching us in many European games years ago; we lacked practice at the level of speed and strength that we were up against. I am sure MW will fix one way or another and the real test will be the next top league team we play.

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23 Sep 2015 09:13:48
To be fair, they missed a sitter too.We need different options, a big target man like Hately or pros teams are getting used to us only playing on the ground

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24 Sep 2015 14:45:09
Lose 1 game and people want a target man striker again. If I never see rangers play long balls to target men I'll be delighted.

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24 Sep 2015 19:51:08
Don't know if you were being sarcastic or not fellow bear but I'm loving the ground football being played but teams are used to that would be good to get big striker in so we could change our style just a bit but to be more honest we just need a greedy targetman

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22 Sep 2015 21:19:47
If anything is evident on tonights showing it's that we need defenders as teams with speed will hurt us both through the middle and round the flanks...it could have been more ...we're not ready yet

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22 Sep 2015 22:35:27
Said weeks ago we needed a big target man, a hately or prso

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23 Sep 2015 09:43:38
We definitely need a leader at the back. Neither Wilson or Kiernan seemed capable of taking control and organising the defence. Both lads would be decent with someone like Weir beside them.

Another issue for me was Zelalem. I couldn't figure out what he contributed to the midfield. Offered very little in attack and too lightweight when we aren't in possession. He stood in the same spot practically the full game.

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23 Sep 2015 17:11:10
The boy is only 18, he nearly scored a belter. he's still learning his craft. heads up bears, we will get there,, but it will take time, at least 3 or 4 transfer windows

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23 Sep 2015 19:41:09
True, and he'll be a quality player in future, but a boy his size will get in the middle of the park in our physical leagues. He needs to push into the box and be more of an attacking threat if he's to be useful nex season. Can see now why we were looking at Eustice. Need a strong holding midfielder.

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23 Sep 2015 22:35:00
Sorry must have took too much crack there... useful meant this season.

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24 Sep 2015 00:22:40
Without sounding negative, as things are going good, if you look at the whole first 11, everyone of them has a position on the park to stay i.e full backs attack & the 2 cb cover each flank, the 3 forwards swap positions etc so you can't critise zelalem he's in that position due to the gaffers orders.

it's worked for all games he's played apart from the other night, hibs & st mirren games we carried our luck, both these teams created chances playing through the middle and missed sitters, st johstone took there chances & countered the gers system effortlessly as much as I like the attacking style, need to be more defensely aware, when going forward. Let's not expect too much to soon, let's get back to another win streak

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22 Sep 2015 21:07:13
i think on tonight's performance shows there is a long way to go before we can compete with average premier league teams never mind David king dreaming about challenging Celtic serious investment will be needed to do that
our defence is terrible Wilson should be dropped for ball instead seems to think he can stroll threw games

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22 Sep 2015 22:32:44
To be fair I thought we played a good game apart from the defence and Halliday. Nothing went our way no luck. I'm not to fussed about the outcome our priority is winning the championship. If we do well in cups then it's a brucie bonus onwards and upwards RTID.

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