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16 Jan 2017 09:59:55
Not that it surprises me but i had to laugh when looking at the various tabloids the day regarding yesterdays friendly. couldn't be any more negative.

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16 Jan 2017 10:17:11
Thats what being a Rangers supporter/ manager/ players all about mate, it comes with the territory. when the good times come again the same media people will be singing the praises as if they've told us all along.

16 Jan 2017 09:50:22
I have been saying for months warburton and co need to go. no other rangers manager would be have still been in a job after being beaten by Celtic 3 times.

already and being behind in the league 15 points + am sorry but honestly it's time for a top pro to come in and manage our team and king and co need to realise that.

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16 Jan 2017 10:37:16
We have no money, every other Rangers manager has had money to spend. Stop being so bloody negative, cheer the players and manager on!

16 Jan 2017 10:18:40
Big Eck lost 7 in a row against celtic and got whitewashed in a season and he kept his job and actually won the league the following year.

16 Jan 2017 09:56:58
soo many hypocrites on here. get mcoist out long ball tactics. now you all want Warburton out?! at least judge the guy in may!

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16 Jan 2017 02:33:14
Rangers should buy kjer from new port he's 38 years old with epl league 2 experience he's free to buy with wages of 1k per week he scored 6 goals in 28 apps . I really hope we get him.

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16 Jan 2017 07:40:47
This morning I read that Hearts are looking at bringing Christophe Berra back in the summer. His contract is up with Ipswich this summer - surely he could improve our defence?

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16 Jan 2017 01:59:11
A realistic goal for this season is to finish second anything else cups or friendlies are just game time .

The club is running at a loss and we don't have the money we couldn't even pay Celtic £34,000.

season ticket sales and some sort of shirt deal will bring welcomed cash for next season and some sort of European competition would be welcome everyone needs to be more realistic to our current situation and support the club, the squad and the management team no matter what.

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15 Jan 2017 22:33:28
We play Motherwell, in the Scottish cup, on our first game back after the break. So, God forbid, we lose, then where will our income come from for the rest of the season?
We are rudderless, lacking direction, with no credibility as a footballing unit.

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15 Jan 2017 22:53:34
Blah blah blah!

2nd in the league, first year back, 5 year project, fans on the board. get behind the team instead of picking faults and surrounding it with negativity.

Get on Ashleys case and the other charlatans who are preventing the club from moving forward then maybe you can be justified in the negative outlook if the team have not improved given a fighting chance.

16 Jan 2017 09:09:35
Stop hiding behind Ashley etc., our team are far short of where they should be if there was some sort of cohesion and tactical direction. Our team selections, tactics and fitness are very poor, and the buck stops with the management team.
Even the adaptions that have been made recently [ 3 at the back. ] are half cocked.

If things are not sorted out soon, where is income coming from, especially if we lose to Motherwell? Remember that was my original point and not how we have been damaged in the past.

15 Jan 2017 22:24:31
never mind the result as we will learn from it lol

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15 jan 2017 19:17:58
every sub got a game today except young bates, why warbs why? is that supposed to boost his confidence?
your man management skills are zero mate, yet another black mark on your report card.

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15 Jan 2017 18:03:31
Warburton next signing the be and end all now the last few not good enough

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