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27 Feb 2017 02:11:20
Always have been a King supporter but my support is starting to wave? Last Manager he picked was Warburton and that turned out to be a disaster with him putting the club back the way by underestimating Scottish football by signing duds! The time it's taking to find a new boss is very worrying?

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27 Feb 2017 08:40:13
OR the time it's taking to find the correct manager is expected after the last w***er

27 Feb 2017 08:43:26
So you expect perfection from day 1 but expect DK to rush into a 2nd appointment?

27 Feb 2017 00:41:26
would like to offer my good wishes to former Celtic hero Billy McNeill in his fight against dementia. It is a very sad time for him and his family.
He was always a tough opponent but at the same time a fair play one. Stay strong Billy.

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26 Feb 2017 23:49:45
Makes me laugh when people on hear moan about were we are as a team ATM but then say things like we should go for tommy wright or McGinnis or rowett instead of some one like de boer then say we should sign Sam nickelson Jonny hays and stevie may I don't get it for me we need to set are sights a lot higher if we are to ever challenge Celtic again. if we are going to be bringing in people of this standard in then that's fine if we are happy with 2nd 3rd place every season. Board has to invest heavy this summer and set sights a lot higher.

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26 Feb 2017 16:39:31
Sad to see Billy McNeill with dementia and having lost speech due to it. Can also relate as my Dad has dementia and is in a care home.

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26 Feb 2017 21:30:01
The thought of growing old to be struck with such a disease is definitely scary to say the least!

I hope your dad is well, I can only imagine you feel mate.

27 Feb 2017 00:47:31
A decent man, so my heart goes out to him and his family. A terrible illness.

27 Feb 2017 02:32:44
Rafbob: Thanks, yes he's been in about a year and is quite settled most of the time.

26 Feb 2017 08:23:57
Saint Martin 100/1, wouldn't be astonishingly brilliant. 🤔

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26 Feb 2017 08:22:48
People are saying Barry Ferguson, gers man. probably get ribbed for this, but what's wrong with Jim Duffy, knows the Scottish game, look what he has done for morton, no money , gets the best out of all his player's, just my opinion fellow bears 🤔.

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26 Feb 2017 11:55:39
Totally agree

25 Feb 2017 23:30:38
shoud try and sign Dylan De Belder in the summer

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25 Feb 2017 20:55:35
Our club is rudderless and needs a complete overhaul. It needs to be gutted and filleted, starting with dk and pm. Just like the core of the team, the previous management team, the fix needed is not to paper over the cracks, but do the job right.

Dk has used us, but that is nothing new. However enough is enough, so unless he puts something positive to us, he is going to see a repeat of a season ticket boycott next season. He has to go.

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25 Feb 2017 23:20:25
Same old.

26 Feb 2017 11:16:10
BR65, so you think our club is being guided correctly. I would say that recent events have confirmed my thoughts, as previously posted.
Well tell us what the great dk is doing to get income for our club, without season ticket money?
Get us listed - unlikely. More soft loans - unlikely. Resolve the merchandising deal very unlikely. I could go on, but even I'm getting bored repeating the obvious.

25 Feb 2017 20:20:28
Murty is what he is, a youth coach. he is way out of his depth but is only doing what he was told, after all he needs his income just like the rest of us. So where does the blame now lie? with the high paid directors who should never have put this young guy in such a thankless position and they should haveanticipated his shortcomings, they have now had 2 weeks to find a manager who will save the season, and like it or not, there are only a few that we can afford. Dave King get the cheque book out and deal with it, no more delay please.

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25 Feb 2017 15:37:27
Rangers fans need to get real never mind Dave King the ma they need is mike ashley he has the money to take on Celtic and if it means giving him the keys to ibrox then give him them and get Rangers back to the top where they belong.

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25 Feb 2017 18:03:52
You been on the Buckie? Newcastle flying in recent times? Dual ownership?

Get real jiro

25 Feb 2017 18:13:23
I said this at the start of the season aswell if DK had came in and got round the table with ashley then mayby these contracts where under with him could have been negotiated? We need investment we could have had it with ashley instead DK came out all guns blazing and to what affect its achieved nothing it still may have achieved nothing if they got the round the table but would it not have been worthwhile tryin seeing how DK and MA could have worked together? The guy has the money that we need and could have been the answer, DK had nothing to lose but think he's missed a trick

25 Feb 2017 18:43:43
Slydog, I seem to remember that DK tried many time to engage with MA but he was blanked on every occasion bar one.

MA had his nose bloodied when DK did what non-one else would do. he put his hand in his pocket and bought more shares than anyone else owned.

Since then, MA has been tripping over his bottom lip showing no interest in helping move the club forward.

His contracts with Rangers were designed only to make money for SD at the expense of Rangers. there were no good intentions on his part and that hasn't changed Andy is not going to change

25 Feb 2017 19:44:54
Does the BR stand for Blinkered Ranger?

26 Feb 2017 14:27:58
Billyb I think br65 is big Derek Johnstone. Can't ever see or say anything bad about the club. I watched celtic fans for 2 year winning the league and moaning about the standard of the team and the manager and look what has happened this season.


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