15 May 2022 19:21:41
Villa after aribo for 7million supposedly.

1.) 15 May 2022
15 May 2022 19:51:41
anything above 12/ 14 with addons i'd take as he is coming up on his last year.

2.) 15 May 2022
15 May 2022 20:01:44
It’s further down the page for 10.

3.) 15 May 2022
15 May 2022 20:56:18
There better be a zero after the 7 then. Cheeky blighters.

4.) 15 May 2022
15 May 2022 21:27:27
Me2, is that for his left or right leg mate.

5.) 15 May 2022
15 May 2022 21:39:17
I'd hope we'd get more but if he's into his last season maybe we'll have to accept lower offers as clubs will try it on. Imo 10m would be nearer the mark.

6.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 01:26:03
He’s got a £10m release clause.

7.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 08:46:19
£7m doesn't feel right - I appreciate that he's in the final year of his deal, but for us to sign a first team player that's going to improve our starting 11 will cost £5-7m - so somewhere between £10-12m would seem like sensible business.

8.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 09:40:16
If we do turn down 7 million he can leave for nothing next year.

9.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 10:46:50
Sadly being in the last year of a deal means a player's fee isn't going to get close to the market value. If he's not signing a new deal we'll not get more than £10M.

10.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 12:15:33
Again, it’s not possible for us to get more than £10m he’s got a release clause at that price.

11.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 14:21:56
Copland where are you reading this? as far is i'm aware he's not got a release clause.

12.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 14:46:38
Copland it’s not a release clause. It allows teams to talk to him if the clause is met. I believe it’s higher than what u say.

13.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 15:25:27
It’s 100% at £10m.

John25 so it’s a release clause then? What your saying it is is exactly what a release clause is.

14.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 16:12:06
Lundstram cost us 0 and improved the starting 11 don’t see how we need to spend big to improve the team.

15.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 18:13:49
7m sounds right as a starting offer. This will be bumped up hopefully as more than one club keen presumably. 10m should cut it.

16.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 19:31:23
10 mil with add ons sounds about right for last year of contract. Players are only worth what a club is willing to pay. Sell when stocks high if you want good return.

17.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 19:42:11
You are right CF5. John doesn't like to be proved wrong. Its exactly what a release clause is.

{Ed001's Note - no it isn't. A release clause is when the team has to sell for that price. Except they are not legally binding in the UK unless the law has been changed in the last few years. Luis Suarez found that out when he had a release clause in his Liverpool contract for any bid over £40m and Arsenal bid £40m + £1 and Liverpool rejected it. He took LFC to court to force through a move to the Gunners and lost.}

18.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 20:58:02
Aribo may join Villa but not for £10m. The figure being discussed closer to double that.

19.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 21:49:25
Yeah that's what we said a release is. He has a £10mil release clause.

{Ed001's Note - no it isn't. Are you being deliberately obtuse? If it was a release clause you would have to sell for that price. They are not enforceable in the UK.}

20.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 22:00:49
Just read the suarez case ed and you are wrong. Suarez had a "good faith" release clause where if 40mil was bid the clubs would sit down and negotiate a fee. It was not a an automatic release clause in the contract and that was why he lost in court. Also can't see anywhere where it say's they are not legally binding in the uk. Plenty of examples where players have been sold due to release clause in the uk.

{Ed001's Note - ok you read a couple of tabloids and think you know it all. I am not wasting my time.}

21.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 22:12:26
Actually if you google "release clause uk" you'll quickly realise that what you have said is wrong ed. There is no need to be petulant about it in your reply, what's wrong with constructive debate.?

{Ed001's Note - there is no constructive debate with you and whatever you googled is obviously wrong. I am not being petulant, just not wasting time on an arrogant know it all who refuses to accept anything anyone else says might be right or that he is wrong again.}

22.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 22:44:07
Ok so every hit on google is wrong?

{Ed001's Note - see pointless. You will repeat yourself ad nauseum, deliberately misrepresent what anyone else says and waste everyone's time. I am not interested.}

23.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 22:45:08
Look at the Chris Wood to Newcastle deal.

Newcastle bid £25m which met his release clause), Sean Dyche confirmed that he wasn’t allowed to reject it despite him not wanting Wood to go especially to a relegation rival.

{Ed001's Note - because the club wanted the money and the player wanted the move, not because the law forced him to accept it. The board made the decision to accept it.}

24.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 22:47:48
Players can't buy themselves out of their contracts under uk law but clubs can. I think this is where you are getting confused ed.

{Ed001's Note - I am not getting confused.}

25.) 16 May 2022
16 May 2022 23:46:47
Ace in the pack, I personally think the edd has it right, my logic, if villa were to offer rangers 10 million then ace you say that's the release clause, but what if say everton offered us 15 million, ace, are you saying villa would get player for 10 because of releae clause? apart from that the edd refers to ssaurez, sounds more logical, uk law.

26.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 08:09:55
They wouldn’t need to bid £15million. If a release clause is met then that gives the clubs the permission needed to speak to the player. The player still has the option to sign or reject the club but the release clause means it’s not possible to reject the value of it.

27.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 11:29:10
Ed 1 ace return to his coldo days.

Ed my opuntia u r correct
Copland I understand where you r coming from however there is a subtle difference in a relates clause and a sell on clause.

{Ed001's Note - the problem is that so few people understand what the difference is between the clauses. A release clause forces a club to release a player on payment of the amount specified, ie what Neymar did to leave Barcelona and join PSG. It is listed as a transfer fee between the clubs, but that never happened. What PSG did is gave Neymar 200m to buy out his Barcelona contract, ie to be released from it. You can't do that in the UK. All Spanish contracts have to have a release clause in them. Until Coldo actually gets a clue and figures out that he is wrong about what a release clause is, the sooner I won't have to delete all the completely wrong posts he keeps sending in trying to tell me he knows better. The problem is people believe the crap in tabloids when it suits them and fail to remember that no fact checking or any kind of decent level of research is applied to the crap they spew out these days.}

28.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 12:00:45
Ed is correct - there are numerous ''triggers'' inserted in to football contracts which actually don't align to standard European (or post Brexit UK) contract law.

In the case of the 'release cause' this is because you're inserting a clause in to a contract for a 3rd party that doesn't actually exist.

In legal terms these are seen as 'good faith' as opposed to 'legally binding'' - i. e. the Suarez case.

In most cases what is reported as a 'release clause' is actually a 'buy-out' clause - which is a variable figure that adjusts over the course of a contract to allow the player to buy themselves out of the current deal - these values are often used / quoted as the ''release clause'' or used as a guide to inform the transfer fee - i. e. the Neymar deal.

As I haven't seen Aribos contract - I'd assume we have agreed a fee with Aribo that would allow his agents to open communication with other clubs.

The term 'good faith' is appropriate though - as although Rangers wouldn't be bound to sell Aribo if the fee was met, it could be damaging to Rangers to reject this, i. e. in future contract negotiations.

{Ed001's Note - thank you, finally someone who understands!}

29.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 13:14:30
Wish I never posted rumour, didn't want to start a war.

30.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 14:59:33
Again the Suarez one wasn’t a release clause. The Chris Wood one was, the Joe Aribo one is.

{Ed001's Note - if you say so. But you clearly do not understand what a release clause is and are wrong again. No matter how many times you repeat yourself, you are still wrong so give it a rest. The Suarez one was the only one that was a release clause. It is pointless explaining if you can't read what is already there when EHL2020 has explained it to you.}

31.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 15:07:26
Can we simplify this - a release clause means if you meet the number, the possibility of signing the player becomes much higher but isn't legal. It's contractual. It means the 'selling' club gets what they want and the player is left to decide if he wants to join the bidding club. But nothing is legally enforcable. As the ed said, Suarez lost. To suggest you MUST sell a player because the clause is met is literally illegal. It's like if I have a TV worth £2000 and someone says 'I'll give you £4,000, now hand it over' and suddenly you've legally GOT to sell it because they're giving you such a handsome price!

32.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 15:43:51
So, where does this leave Santa clause, . Is he real or not Ed?

{Ed001's Note - real. Defo real.}

33.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 17:02:55
Ehl great post.

34.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 17:48:55
Release clause or not over 10million or get to f.

35.) 17 May 2022
17 May 2022 19:19:12
Ehl2020, thanks for clearing that up mate, hope it puts an end to this debate.