27 Jun 2022 20:35:08
Villareal now being linked with a move for Morelos
What we thinking?

1.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 20:40:43
I'd sell him and Aribo and replace them.

2.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 20:47:46
Sell morelos for 14 to 15 million bring in erik botheim on a free bring in his former team mate ola solbakken since roma cannot get the deal done bring in a first choice keeper a cb and attacking midfielder.

3.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 20:50:50
I think we could sell morelos aribo and kamara but try our best to keep ahold of morelos but we need to bring in another Kent for the right side.

4.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 20:51:30
If he’s not signing a extension and the offer is decent take it and run.

5.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 20:58:56
Morelos Agent is only interested in his cut of any transfer fee. It has been exactly the same every season. Rumour after rumour. Hopefully he will sign a new contract. That for me is the most important. He would have been ahead of everyone else this summer to get on a new deal.

6.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 21:38:32
10M offer and he’s gone and I’d expect us to move quickly on his replacement, however, I wouldn’t be surprised at a Kamara type new contract.

7.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 22:03:49
Stephen you keep mentioning botheim is he even free I know reports have said contract ripped up but may not be as easy as that with the Russian market.
Or you just jeep saying his name as their was a reported interest in him from us?

Does anyone actually know if he was able to rip his contract up?

8.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 22:41:37
If we can get morelos to sign a new contract he will be our best summer signing.

9.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 22:45:32
From what I have read storm. FIFA are allowing players based in Russia to move until July 2023 which to me says this is essentially a loan. Doesn’t sound to me like any player can completely rip up their contracts. I wonder though if players whose contracts end by summer 2023 are essentially ripping up their contract. I don’t think botheims contract ends until later than that. Others may no better.

10.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 23:15:47
Hope he stays with Kent think Aribo what's away would love him to stay, then sell Kamara for 10m cause what all we would get now for Morelos.

11.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 00:19:46
Wish Alfredo all the best. he's gave his all. Take (hopefully) 12m and get Botheim, Colak, and a Right and Left winger in asap.

12.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 00:33:16
And 10m for Aribo is quite poor in my opinion, i think he will tear it up in the epl, he's ouches class, hope a big sell on, after a season down there it wouldn't surprise me him selling for tens of millions.

13.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 04:14:41
And i see Larrson is available after ripping up his a contract over in Russia with S Moscow he must no GVB, what we think of that ppl?.

14.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 06:09:06
Jordan Larrson would be a no and he has not had his contract ripped up he is on loan to Swedish side AIK.

I don’t think the players playing in Russia will be allowed to rip up contract.

15.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 06:59:06
Both Larsson and Botheim have ripped up their contracts.

FIFA were allowing players to basically rip up their contracts at Russian clubs as punishment for the war.

16.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 07:02:11
But come the 1st of July if the players playing in Russia who have chosen to terminate their contracts haven’t got a new club then FIFA have said they’ll reinstate their contracts with the Russians.

17.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 07:28:55
And i heard that rw from Norway never signed with Roma that boy is class would love him on the rw and gets get a good few goals, i really feel GVB will have men lined up, just waiting on they 3 if there going to leave.

18.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 07:48:58
Larrson was playing fit AIK at the weekend.

19.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 08:39:33
Alfredo has changed agents so the comments saying his agent HAS been looking every season is lies his new agent took over at the start of this year I belive or late last year . the first agent tht got him here was gutted at loosing him . sone people really need a bang to the head STOP READING HEADLINES AND MAKING UP THE STORY.

20.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 09:34:12
Yeah Larsson has been on loan at AIK since January but he’s now terminated his contract at Moscow.

21.) 28 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022 11:10:02
Cool Copland I seen he played for them at the weekend as I bet them and seen that he started the game.