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03 Apr 2020 23:24:05
i see Sutton is talking rubbish again. Boardroom upheaval? no. King said back in November he was stepping down and why? like his home is in S, Africa, his family are there, his money, or most of it is in businesses there and finally ha said he would go at the end of March, which he DID . So what is Sutton's agenda now? One thing for sure, he should be legally silenced from creating and inciting stuff, which we can all do without.


1.) 04 Apr 2020 07:38:51
He's a cheerleader for the Tims in the media, amongst others, paid to stir up nonsense against by the Celtic PR machine Hollicom.
What would you expect from a bankrupt like him?

2.) 04 Apr 2020 12:05:13
Why is breathe wasted saying his name?

3.) 04 Apr 2020 14:10:51
With all due respect, it was King who claimed we have no funding, contradicted by our board, and that he 'almost changed his mind'. He did as much damage with his exit comments as anyone. Stupid stuff to say.

4.) 04 Apr 2020 14:28:04
He just said funding was on hold because of the situation. ? What do you expect him to say . how can there be funding in place when the majority of teams do not kn if they will survive. A call for season ticket sales is a deposit on our security.

5.) 04 Apr 2020 15:44:17
why would anyone want to shut up a clown that advertises the obsessive and crass stupidity of their opposition. they're gifting.

6.) 04 Apr 2020 15:45:48
He's deflecting from his own team's soon to be troubling times.

7.) 04 Apr 2020 15:52:03
Gp, l agree with you mate, but with all the rubbish sutton is spouting we can be guaranteed there's bad news coming from celtic park.

8.) 04 Apr 2020 16:14:33
Also saw his fellow cheerleader stewart is saying ok for celtic to be awarded title but would be end of the world if hearts are relegated. There is some amount of stories about rangers just now telling us what we should and shouldn't be doing by former players. Charlie Nicholas, sutton, hartson, hutton, whealan, stewart wish they would all just shut up and leave rangers business to the rangers board.
I think as a club we have acted with dignity and professionalism unlike others. Celtics first press conference wasnt to show compassion and concern but was lennon demanding a title and one of hearts was to threaten legal action. I am proud of our club. Even king standing down was handled professionally doing it for the good of our club.
Just read celtic are now trying to get the season called just now risking punishment from UEFA. Shows that our league is as corrupt and mickey mouse ran as we all believe.

9.) 04 Apr 2020 17:52:59
Why give these nlknobs the time of the day they're infatuated by Rangers . The people who play and sport celtic don't go on as much as sutton (ya tadger) and co.

10.) 04 Apr 2020 20:43:29
@molsgoals - nothing? Or the same as the board says? He's directly contradicted them.

11.) 04 Apr 2020 22:55:01
Every football team in every league in the world is on hold . and that includes all their funding . why would it not be? No one has a clue what will happen . Jeso god forbid but this bug could take a nastier turn and really kick us in the he haws.

12.) 05 Apr 2020 11:43:23
Paulellen I think your 100% right regards something about to come out of celtic park . things are not as rosy as they would want everyone to beleive . think they are relying on UEFA to back down on threats of being barred from Europe if given the league.

13.) 05 Apr 2020 14:13:17
Molsgoals, it is getting that way mate, frightening.



15 Feb 2020 00:10:11
has anyone else noticed a change in Gerrard? He has lost his enthusiastic attitude, his voice is now monotoned, he is now depressing to listen to and he is very quick tempered with some press day questions. All that adds up to me thinking if he is depressed, it's rubbing off on the dressing room. When he arrived on the scene he was very humble but positive and forward thinking, all that has disappeared?


1.) 15 Feb 2020 08:28:26
Coz Ho knows he's made a pigs ear of no buying better for instance wasting 7mill on Kent we could've got 2 good players in fur that dough.

2.) 15 Feb 2020 09:34:27
what 2 good players wld you have bought for the 7m DS?

you got to luv the hindsight on here.

3.) 15 Feb 2020 09:35:42
Ffs he always sounded like that. Give the guy a break

4.) 15 Feb 2020 10:05:39
£7M was too much on Kent, but after Sept 1st we were backed up in a corner. It just turns out £4M would probably have been too much for him as well.

5.) 15 Feb 2020 11:17:12
He has, over estimated his, players and what they beleive they can acheive as they don't match his desire or passion to win i'm very frustrated too that this bunch of pampered prima Donna's don't have any fire in them to fight .

6.) 15 Feb 2020 11:20:59
It’s called stress mate. Bad enough dealing with a few greetin faced so n so’s at work but we have thousands of them.

7.) 15 Feb 2020 11:24:08
Gerrard's heart is still in it He is maybe taking a different approach Dometimes you have to become ruthless to get to places! Remember and I said, Gerrard is also learning people forget that! Give him time he will deliver!

8.) 15 Feb 2020 11:32:28
Genk were prepared to pay £7 million for Kent.
It was the going rate. 👍
And funny how nobody questioned his value after that goal at the piggery on the 29th?

9.) 15 Feb 2020 11:59:06
hes not depressed he's disappointed in some of his players as we all are they are the ones who have let the team and supporters down. thre is no need for him to fire them up the wage that they earn and the pride they have inside themselves should be enough. he has every right to call them out this would happen in your own work place[remember this is just a job]and your manger would be on your back if your not performing they should all man up and get on with it.

10.) 15 Feb 2020 19:50:37
Mr tip - it’s a ridiculous point, he hasn’t kicked a ball in the correct manner since, why on earth would anyone talk about his cost when we were just celebrating an old firm win? And why wouldn’t they question when he doesn’t seem to be good enough now?

11.) 15 Feb 2020 22:56:53
Do you want Gerrard to do interviews cracking jokes! . he's disappointed!

12.) 16 Feb 2020 08:19:23
So the full team under performed Tommy since New Year.
Which means are they all not good enough? And their values will all have decreased?
Does that mean Barisic is back to being the donkey plenty thought he was before he turned into the player he is?
The team are having a wee blip!



26 Dec 2018 20:00:54
lafferty, and Wallace both praised v st j, then dropped again, couibaly and Worrall rank rubbish AGAIN v st j yet still gets a game,
SG too much chopping, chnaging, favouritism, I know we've a lot of injuries but c'mon guys get the finger out, you too Stevie, we are like a rowing boat with only one oar, going nowhere fast.


1.) 26 Dec 2018 22:12:29
tbh Wallace, as much as I love and admire him, wasn't good on Sunday. But understandable after being thrown in at the deep end with barely a minute senior football under his belt.

Abysmal management by Gerrard on that one.

2.) 27 Dec 2018 01:28:01
To fair Wallace wouldn’t of played better than Halliday who was good today.

3.) 27 Dec 2018 04:45:23
Only one praising Wallace on sun was you Ritchie and for your info Worral played very well against hibs and justified his selection. One minuite Stevie’s a hero next this? What an embarrassment some of our support are .



09 Nov 2018 21:29:45
there are players on here getting stick for not being good enough, not up to speed or going missing. Quite a few have NOT been given enough game time to show what they can do, and remember all of them were scouted by our management team, so they must have seen something? Also some stick being given wrongly for players who picked up injuries and didn't get a comeback chance. The only one i agree with is Sadiq, must be homesick or something, video evidence shows him up as a decent front man.


1.) 10 Nov 2018 09:49:12
You could mske anybody look good with a highlight video ritchie.

2.) 10 Nov 2018 12:47:35
We're struggling abit just now with a lack of experience and know how on the pitch we have the quality and potential but when going gets tough some players are looking around at others to dig out the result.



05 Sep 2018 22:18:34
i say get Rossiter fit enough to bluff his way through a transfer, he is costing the club a fortune in wages and medics.


1.) 06 Sep 2018 01:29:15
Explain how you bluff someone through a transfer?

2.) 06 Sep 2018 06:55:07
well he did it to us!

3.) 06 Sep 2018 08:44:37
no; Warburtons scouse scout McParlan did that.

4.) 06 Sep 2018 09:07:47
Leave the lad alone, good player, we gave him a contract honour it.

5.) 06 Sep 2018 10:01:18
We signed him knowing the risks mate.

6.) 06 Sep 2018 10:24:20
Why do you think we got him. A fit rossiter would be playing for liver pool. That's how highly he was rated.

7.) 06 Sep 2018 10:25:29
If and I do understand it’s a BIG if we can get him fit then what a player we will have on our hands. I for 1 would def take a few difficult seasons with him for him the to get over his injuries and b a massive player for us for years to come! Let’s b honest if he wasn’t a risk then there’s no chance he would have came to us. I just no that if we let him go then he will come good and it will definitely b the 1 that got away.

8.) 06 Sep 2018 11:58:39
What a load of contrived mince that statement is Richie1
That’s the kind of logic that gets on my nerves. Get itthrough your head it’s not his fault and by the looks of it he could be on his way back. Clubs aren’t going to fall for that crap 😡.

9.) 06 Sep 2018 14:30:10
touched a nerve there Lego, oops its just an opinion just as yours is too. To me its £10k down the pan EVERY week, with nothing to show for it, oh yes I forgot, we have plenty cash to burn, I don't THINK.

10.) 06 Sep 2018 17:03:17
We gave the young lad a contract he deserves it to be honoured. I'm sure it's not nice for him either and he'd love to be fit and helping his teammates. hope if we get him fit and going he may repay our faith.

11.) 06 Sep 2018 18:04:03
Likes he's done every transfer window.

12.) 06 Sep 2018 18:28:43
His contract is for playing is it not? which he hasn't done really. Should have cut our losses in the summer. Anyway I think the plan might be to use him only in the league if he manages to get injury free as there is no way he could play twice a week. I'm also aware that he will probably leave us in the summer go back down south and play 400 games without injury.

13.) 07 Sep 2018 13:26:00
Ps have any of you heard of encouragement and support . the boy is a born leader and inspiration on the pitch.

14.) 09 Sep 2018 16:30:59
I doubt very much that we are paying his full wages. The PA Insurance will be taking care of most if not all the cost. I for one want to see him fit and playing for us. With Gerard's guidance he would be one of our best players and has skill in abundance. We need to remember that he is only 21, I am hoping that Gerard is taking the best route forward with Rossiter and not pushing him to play until fully fit. We saw in that Hibernian Game the skill the boy has. Let's give him encouragement, not berate him for injuries that outwit his control!

15.) 09 Sep 2018 22:24:52
Was just about to say injured players wages are usually recouped via insurance.




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03 Apr 2020 23:42:36
never mind who you support or why, and for that matter who you hate. The only solution to the leagues this season is to declare the season void.
It's fair to all those chasing titles and those fighting relegation.
By all means the payout should stand for their current positions because of the efforts put in to get their place and for entertaining fans come rain, hail or snow.

any other decision would fall on fantasy, what if's and making assumptions, based on what? who can forecast injuries for example, which can and often do change results. Sorry, I stick with my opinion, AND VOID with a new season yet to be announced and ONLY after the virus has been eliminated.


1.) 04 Apr 2020 07:49:13
UEFA have stated null and void isn't an option.
UEFA have also stated handing out early titles that haven't been earned isn't an option. Yet.
There preference is all leagues to be played to a finish with fans. If not behind closed doors.

2.) 04 Apr 2020 10:32:53
Heading down the award of titles etc road which would forever be tainted no matter what anybody said.

3.) 04 Apr 2020 14:02:17
So VOID season, but still pay out for where a team is in the league currently? / why would they do that? if its void all the monies get pulled and divided equally amongst all the teams, as for Europe, if its a VOID htne all teams get put in hat to who goes, now that's fair is it not, or are you thinking fair is if we get WHAT WE WANT, if you are really wanting fairness be equal in what's you ask for. not biased in anyway as for effort all the teams have shown effort so again all in pot as equals.

4.) 04 Apr 2020 14:03:00
Tainted titles, is not a word we should be using, its that old adage of pot kettle etc etc,

5.) 04 Apr 2020 14:21:52
Pubes12, UEFA have said NO European places for voided leagues so don't know what you are bumping your gums about putting all the names in a hat to see who gets to play in Europe next season?
They have also challenged the Belgium league for awarding an early unearned title to Bruges and are talking about banning them from European competition next season. The same could happen to Celtic if they are awarded an early unearned tainted title. 👍.

6.) 04 Apr 2020 15:41:18
The problem Ritchie is that is not the only solution and your solution is not even being considered.
Celtic are the only club in Scotland who can financially wait for as long as it takes. We have £35 million in the bank and credit with the bank as long as London Road. It’s all the other clubs who want the season finished now and I include Hearts in that because Hearts couldn’t survive until the end of the year for prize money. Hearts want no relegation and league reconstruction.

That leaves your club. You don’t want the season to start back up in September and finish in November because you can’t afford that conclusion. Your club want null and void to paper over the cracks and to forget last season ever happened because all your eggs fell out your basket.

Everybody at Celtic if they had the choice would want to win our 9th title in a row on the pitch but we won’t stand back and let our hard work in the rain, Hail and snow count for nothing.

7.) 05 Apr 2020 14:16:57
Buzz, the banks have stated they won't be lending to football clubs, too big a risk, it now seems, wonder what changed that, eh.



31 Mar 2020 15:10:18
just how many more European fines will it take before some of you bampots out there realise just how much damage you are doing to our club both financially and by reputation? Keep going your pathetic, stupid, and irresponsible ways and the next thing will be a ban! Is THAT what you's all want? Aye right, grow up.


1.) 31 Mar 2020 19:28:47
Get these neds banned. They are not welcome ever at Ibrox. Get them identified, named in the media, life ban and made to pay the fines. Absolute **** of the earth.

2.) 31 Mar 2020 22:48:50
I doubt these are real Rangers Fans, or they wouldn't act in this manner knowing the trouble they're causing, shut the section down unless they are named and banned, otherwise Uefa will do it for us.

3.) 01 Apr 2020 08:33:52
I got the subway to ibrox for the euro game for the first time in years, I saw again the halfwitted coke filled clowns on there, none of them knew anything about rangers,

I immediately regretted deciding to go to the game,

4.) 01 Apr 2020 08:36:56
Here’s a tip, next time your abroad with rangers and your company are walking past a daily record camera crew and a reporter encouraging 3 halfwits singing about the Irish or the pope, shove the little clowns on their arse and tell the camera these nonentity are not rangers supporters.

5.) 01 Apr 2020 13:50:09
Tomtom46, then nip back on the tube, to buchanan st, to jump a taxi to the royal, to get stiches inserted.



20 Mar 2020 16:44:35
I think in all honesty, the last thing we need is an Ulster former DUP councillor and bigoted orangeman
to be our PR man. C'mon, can't we EVER rise above that outdated and severely controversial attitude?

I really thought we were above that level of rivalry, but apparently not.

Dreadful appointment in my opinion!


1.) 20 Mar 2020 17:43:22
How is being in the Orange order bigoted.
I think you need to do a bit of reading on the orange order before making slanderous statements like that!

2.) 20 Mar 2020 18:57:26
That's the best joke yet, so the guys beliefs upset people big deal maybe now we have someone who will stick up for us.

3.) 20 Mar 2020 20:34:45
The guy was obviously the stand out candidate at interview end of.

4.) 20 Mar 2020 20:44:26
really? wow how impressive.



11 Mar 2020 00:23:11
another brace from Murphy tonight. Stevie, pay a visit to specsavers then get Murphy recalled from his loan, he should be in OUR squad!


{Ed001's Note - not sure he can be recalled on a cross-border loan, because it is seen as an international one.}

1.) 11 Mar 2020 09:35:30
Ritchie you can not recall a player from loan mid season.

2.) 11 Mar 2020 15:34:34
ok I understand, maybe we will recall him when the summer window opens? I hope so because I think he is trying hard and deserves another chance with us. Ojo will be gone and hopefully Barker will be sold, so there's definitely a space in the squad that Murphy could fill.

3.) 11 Mar 2020 16:02:54
You can insert recall clauses into loan deals.

4.) 11 Mar 2020 16:53:37
Only to be called back during the transfer window c of I.

5.) 11 Mar 2020 18:20:24
You can on football manager. just saying 🤣.



10 Mar 2020 23:42:45
is it possibly time for a revamp of the leagues here? Still having the Premier league of 12, but changing the other leagues to the championship of 18 and a league 1 of 18? this would entail bringing in 6 teams from the Highland and Lowland leagues and maybe the best in junior football, but the new 18 team leagues would only play each other twice in a season thus reducing the travel costs for clubs and fans.

just thinking out loud?


1.) 11 Mar 2020 09:53:22
Common sense ritchie1, but on that basis the SFA and SPFL would never adopt it, 4 times a season is stupid in regards to playing the same teams.

2.) 11 Mar 2020 16:54:32
Should be 3 bigger leagues, the spl is too small.




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06 Mar 2020 16:57:13
young King is probably only signing for two years because if he has any sense he will surely realise like almost all of our youngsters he probably has no chance in hell of breaking into the first team squad, seldom if any ever do these days, so my question is this, what exactly is the point of having an academy with practically none graduaets? makes you think?




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06 Sep 2018 14:30:10
touched a nerve there Lego, oops its just an opinion just as yours is too. To me its £10k down the pan EVERY week, with nothing to show for it, oh yes I forgot, we have plenty cash to burn, I don't THINK.





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20 Mar 2020 20:44:26
really? wow how impressive.




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11 Mar 2020 15:34:34
ok I understand, maybe we will recall him when the summer window opens? I hope so because I think he is trying hard and deserves another chance with us. Ojo will be gone and hopefully Barker will be sold, so there's definitely a space in the squad that Murphy could fill.




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04 Mar 2020 18:04:27
is this a serious question? lol.




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04 Mar 2020 18:03:16
igglepiggle, you are spot on with every line, but remember there's none so blind as those who cannot see! great post keep em coming lad.




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23 Feb 2020 00:30:01
Southend, I'm just going by his wayward temperament, he's still losing valuable game time and I feel he has become a liability. He IS a better striker that the others, BUT, going missing at critical times is costing us dearly in lost points. Also, if he doesn't change his value to us financially will fall through the floor

my first beer was a Tennants lager! 1962 lol.