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15 Dec 2019 16:03:49
How many will the Edinburgh Tims give them today? 3/ 4? 5 maybe?

15 Dec 2019 17:18:34
You do know the C of Ibrox that Hibs have taken more points of Celtic than the rangers.

15 Dec 2019 17:30:09
Facts aren't welcome on here dd1, this is the site where they have a far better team than us remember.

15 Dec 2019 17:38:24
Do you know there's no 'the' in my name? That is about 5 times. It's right there mate.

15 Dec 2019 18:01:08
What do you know? Tweedle dums here too. Moe and Ron!

15 Dec 2019 18:19:44
Do we get three guesses what the "C" stands for haha.

15 Dec 2019 18:50:35
Hahaha that’s all you can say after your ridiculous post as always pure gold it’s why we come in here.

14 Dec 2019 13:01:16
Just had a look at yahoo headline about us and them saying basically we should not be so chuffed with us in the europa league.

Europa League progress for Celtic and Rangers should not bring wild celebration.

Have a look lads, especially the replies by tim jim, he's on everywhere slagging Rangers.

14 Dec 2019 23:10:56
I. must say bluebilly I'm not massively chuffed by their progression in the tournament either. I can see how fans might think that having both in is good for the coefficient etc but really I couldn't give a toss about this. I want us to win the league and gain entry to the CL. Couldn't give a stuff about the rest of them. Like dd, jamesbhoy, kaney etc it's all about the Rangers for me.

15 Dec 2019 11:02:44
Dont care how we got through. fact is we did. if that's the case, celtic shouldn't be chuffed at how they cheated with the offside goal last week. because we were all over them. they come on here giving it large about how they won last week .

if i was a celtic fan, i'd be worried because rangers are not always going to not score. we've proved we can be free scoring and unplayable at times this season and call it bias if you like but someone is due a thrashing off rangers.

15 Dec 2019 13:26:49
How exactly did Celtic cheat Nein explain please just tell everyone how Celtic cheated, that would be a great read? and someone is due a thrashing how do you make that out.

15 Dec 2019 14:07:54
We should both be happy with our European performance this season.
Personally I hope you make it through the next round too, and draw us in the last 16.
I think you will be hard pressed finding a worried Celtic fan at the moment, we know if we play like we can, then you'll be changing your name to Stop_the_10 before long. And soon after that to Please_just_stop_sometime.

13 Dec 2019 16:19:32

Those nice people in the east are kind enough to remind us that EBT's allowed us to buy players that would not have been at Ibrox otherwise.

The MoM on Sunday (their goalie) is at Parkhead by the grace of a 50 % subsidy of wages by his parent club.
I know, I know this was from the DR.

Can someone work out what percentage of wages were in the EBTs - I don't think it is as big as 50%.

13 Dec 2019 17:40:48
1. We are paying tax on those wages.
2. Jermaine Defoe.

13 Dec 2019 23:14:48
Isles green, the e.b.t were as legal as yourself, it's that simple, eh.

14 Dec 2019 00:55:33
Eh Paulellen no they weren’t or have you missed the last 7 years.

14 Dec 2019 01:37:02
The EBTs were as legal as "yourself"?
I don't understand.

14 Dec 2019 13:18:48
Islogreen, what's wrong with me stating that the e. b. t were legal, they were, they were as legal as you, or are you an illegal person. an alien.

14 Dec 2019 14:36:45
Although the EBTs were legal at the time, the way that Rangers used them was not.
Much in the way that sheep are legal, but the way Aberdeen fans use them is not.

14 Dec 2019 22:19:56
Isle ogreen, the club obviously never knew that the way we used them was not legal and above board, or the club wouldn't have used them in such fashion, I like the sheep part of your post, lol.

15 Dec 2019 08:52:11

IOG that was good from you! Genuinely gave me a chuckle.

13 Dec 2019 10:03:58
C of Ibrox
Here is the games we did turn up
Celtic 5 rangers 0
Celtic 5 rangers 1
Rangers 1 Celtic 5
Celtic 4 rangers 0
Rangers 0 Celtic 2

That's just a few from 2017 onwards, hope this answers your question.

As I said Celtic turn up and it's a skelping, Celtic don't turn up but still win.

On another note I must congratulate rangers on qualifying for the next round of the europa in what looked a very tough group.

13 Dec 2019 11:13:52
Jamesy, I am flattered that you want my attention. You are like a love struck teenager trying to catch my eye. Sorry mate but I just see us as friends. It's not me, it's you lol.

13 Dec 2019 11:36:34
Brilliant cofibrox! Like a pair of lovestruck teenagers, so you are. I"d get a room ❤.

13 Dec 2019 14:20:41
You notice jamesy they can't answer the question, so what do they do deflect.

13 Dec 2019 15:58:26
dd1 what was his question, cause I don’t see a question in his post, all I see is a list of games Celtic have beat rangers, and a statement saying these were the games we should up, any game we lost was cause we let you win.

You seem to be another keyboard warrior, is it because you are bullied in real life, at school, work, church, down the street, well Hope life gets better for you, maybe try some hobbies.

13 Dec 2019 16:41:31
What's there to answer double d? Warburton, Pedro and Murty. Will these do?

13 Dec 2019 17:34:14
I find it interesting how ecstatic they all seem with second place these days. How they convince themselves it actually means they're the best. It's a gradual acceptance of the new norm, winning hee haw for Eight years will do that to a support I suppose.

13 Dec 2019 17:41:33
You should know lol.

13 Dec 2019 18:00:09
I very much do know, I'm a child of your nine in a row era.
I don't remember being as delighted as you are now, or anyone claiming we were the best team in the country, even after games where we outplayed you, only for Goram to. well I'm sure you remember.

13 Dec 2019 23:15:59
Aye ok then! Lol.

13 Dec 2019 23:20:21
Isle ogres, I will try to explain things as I've done to so many of your lot on here, count the titles, yes youse may have won 10 trophies in a row, but title wise have a look yous are still years behind us, and the good bit on our behalf is, we are about to pull further away, again, again again.

14 Dec 2019 00:58:22
Forget the 5-0 scores Rangers were a mess then count your results now and the last 18 months.

14 Dec 2019 01:49:18
That's very gracious of you Paulellen, to take the time to explain to myself and others, eh, what exactly? Are you explaining your opinion? Because saying you are about to pull further away (we are seven trophies behind you in the competition for "worlds most successful club") is your view alone.
My point was that yes, we have won 10 trophies in a row and the last 8 leagues, yet you are all as happy as Larry, meaning you have all come to terms with, and in fact take joy in being second, having accepted that that is the natural order of things now.

14 Dec 2019 09:35:11
The natural order of things now? I can't be bothered trying to explain how stupid that statement is.

14 Dec 2019 10:10:10
Think you will find it’s joy he way the club is heading, yes we are second just now, so what your saying is your only happy when your top of the league.

Sounds very much like a glory hunter to me, I’m sure we will see you posting as a rangers fan soon once we start winning, just so you can stay happy.

14 Dec 2019 11:36:59
I think iog knows what the natural order really is given our world record haul of trophies, trebles, doubles and titles. And alao because he spends most of his time on a Famous site. I can honestly say I have never felt the urge to reciprocate. Why should I, I am already on the only show in town's site.

14 Dec 2019 12:21:44
So you are all fans of the Egyptian club Al Ahly, winners of 146 trophies, including 8 African Champions Leagues?
Seven behind you, despite having existed for 16 years less, I think shows what the natural order is. And yes the old "haha your on a Rangers site" deflection line which gets dusted down when you have nothing to say, quality.
Delmans comment above just emphasizes my point that you have learned to live with, and even embrace, second best.
Kind of like Everton, or Espanyol.

14 Dec 2019 22:23:12
C of Ibrox, shhh, you wil have them up all night trying to work out what you are meaning, but hey maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing, lol.

12 Dec 2019 16:50:24
If Celtic play like they did against Rangers, they could get hammered today.

12 Dec 2019 20:03:39
You have to post just for a laugh or has the adult left the room.

12 Dec 2019 20:51:58
And they did!

12 Dec 2019 20:56:14
just as I predicted, Celtic have been poor their last three games.

12 Dec 2019 22:16:30
Did Celtic just no turn up on the night?

13 Dec 2019 01:26:16
and another poor second half performance from the rangers. it appears yous are going full pelt then run out of steam. with the games coming thick and fast i expect yous to drop points on sunday then on the following friday.

13 Dec 2019 07:53:32
Yea that was a right doing over, and Celtic didn't have to turn up we had already won our section,
have a look at the team that we put out last night, 6 non regulars in first team, and one returning from injury,
Where did the the rangers finish, with full team of regulars?
Eggy you didn't predict Celtic to play poor in their last 3 games son, you just didnt.

13 Dec 2019 08:38:30
Double d? Is that your bra size? You are just one of the many t! t$ from the east that love to come on our page yet rarely post over there 🤔.

13 Dec 2019 09:13:09
Another classic from those with very little to actually say, never mind reading just attack, try posting with something to say take a point and debate.

13 Dec 2019 10:03:20
A double mistake from a poor defence, ball boys wasting time, full first team squad, still couldn't beat a very poor team to win the group, a good performance in the cup final but couldn't win it. even playing poor rangers as still miles behind the treble treble champions.

13 Dec 2019 10:05:22
Do you ever post on Celtic rumours? Let's debate that because I don't think I have ever witnessed a single post from you Bra-bhoy!

13 Dec 2019 10:05:08
Dd1 that was a terrible display again for celtic. and yes you could say it wasn't an important match. it was a b team, but this B team is trying to compete to be in your A team. that b team is going to have it in their heads that they got beat and won't ever be good enough. still think rangers are going to beat you at parkhead.

13 Dec 2019 11:05:53
Big Sluggie, Do you never tire of coming on here and looking like you have paid a 8 year old to comment on your behalf? I've told you before, you will never be taken seriously on these pages. Run along back to your line. There's the bell!

13 Dec 2019 11:38:02
You're on fire the day cofibrox. Very funny, just choked on my tea! 😂.

13 Dec 2019 12:08:26
They are too easy Seeker mate. I almost (Almost) feel bad laughing at them.

13 Dec 2019 14:26:24
you spend much time on the Celtic page then thought it was us that were the obsessed.
Nein why do you post, you just make no sense at all, you want to talk about mentality try a team who just can't win even against teams when they are playing poorly.
Sicker do you fancy the C of ibrox, be good to hear anything sensible from you son anything, start small and work your way up to big points, even you must notice that the C of ibrox doesn't answer any points either, deflect, get angry or attack the 3 settings for the rangers fans when something difficult comes up.

13 Dec 2019 16:57:06
I'm only here for the banter double d and to hear you make an even bigger t*t of yourself with every post. I find I can converse quite easily with the decent chaps on the Rangers rumours, banter and finances sections. This particular section I access to amuse myself among the one syllable brigade who obviously opted to spend their time as youngsters cheering on the mhanky mhob as they trained while dodging the dug sh*te at Barrowfield rather than sitting at a school desk.

13 Dec 2019 17:20:45
I will never get fed up on this site, like seeker I can't stop laughing at your razor sharp wit and your club's inability to win anything.

13 Dec 2019 17:28:56
I wouldn't bother trying to answer any Tims 'points' because you are a total irrelevance to me/ us. If you want to have points of discussion, give big Sluggie a phone. You definitely have lots in common.

13 Dec 2019 17:53:32
C of ipox i've already got a phone, don't need another one. you keep disguising your pain with insults, try to be more positive about your clubs inability to win anything. Try to keep your posts football related or I might not come back on here, i'm very sensitive to your negativity, you should see someone about that.

13 Dec 2019 19:51:49
Dd1 ever won the league at ibrox.

13 Dec 2019 19:52:18
And i post because its a rangers page and i'm a rangers fan. hence the reason i thought u were lost the other day.

13 Dec 2019 19:53:55
Lol you keep telling yourself you're in the right. why not go join the green rumours. i promise you won't need to answer me back there.

14 Dec 2019 09:41:37
Sensitive shug, I am genuinely sorry if I have hurt your feelings and I certainly didn't mean to insult you. My naivety led me to think it impossible to hurt the feelings of a guy who's idea of negativity is Gold, Frankincense and Myr, 3 wise Bhoys and a manager!

14 Dec 2019 10:18:22
A little bit of word play there. Just you concentrate on the words and once you have cracked that, maybe you can start playing too.

14 Dec 2019 15:20:26
I'll concentrate on the football it's far more interesting, you should try it, oops forgot.

11 Dec 2019 16:12:31
Two things from the game on Sunday, Morelos had so many chances and failed to score, Celtic allowed him so many chances and failed to defend, now what do you think will be easier to rectify?, a forward that can't score or a defence that can't defend?

11 Dec 2019 16:43:38
That’s a good point, however Morelos has already scored 25 goals this season and came up against an inspired performance in FF.
I don’t see how Celtic “allowed” him these chances though, Rangers created these chances themselves.

So for me, Morelos will continue to score and teams will continue to create chances against Celtic.

11 Dec 2019 18:28:01
Spot on 87, a good point well made. Morelos doesn't need to prove himself to anyone. The big goalie was like an octopus on Sunday. On another day we would have won 6-1.

11 Dec 2019 18:54:15
And on another day we wouldn’t have played so badly what’s your point?

11 Dec 2019 18:59:47
I am struggling to remember a game where the Tims think Celtic actually turned up?

11 Dec 2019 19:49:02
The thing is we didn’t have to turn up to win do you get that? And I don’t believe you would prefer to play good football and lose.

11 Dec 2019 20:41:01
Dd1 , youse played crap because we never gave youse a chance to play, if a offside goal keeps you happy with your teams performance, that's good, brilliant in fact. ime glad your happy.

11 Dec 2019 21:10:59
Well said paulellen.

11 Dec 2019 22:28:18
Pauline no your not happy and am unhappy with the way the team played what I am happy about is winning as all of you would be.

11 Dec 2019 23:51:56
Dd1, check the titles.

12 Dec 2019 11:52:44
Dd1, think you're lost mate.

12 Dec 2019 11:54:00
The comment On another day celtic won't play as bad. celtic never played badly. rangers just didn't let them play anything. offside goal. VAR wouldve cancelled that goal and you know it. trust me dd1 shuggie and whoever else preders rangers page to their own. the 29th won't be the same routine. ofcourse the possesion chances and walking all over celtic will be the same routine but we will score this time. mark my words celtic are well overdue a beatin from rangers and on the 29th yous will see what free scoring means.

12 Dec 2019 12:09:47
Brilliant comments by AD . check it
Adrian Durham accuses Celtic of 'blatant cheating' over Fraser Forster loan deal after Rangers cup win 🎣.

12 Dec 2019 14:08:38
Why is it brilliant, you have defoe on loan and his parent company pays part of his wages, So the rangers cheating again?

12 Dec 2019 14:25:58
Nien we know what free scoring means check back the results over the last few years
You keep on hoping son for the rangers to beat us and am sure that one day you will beat us in a meaningful game but just not now
I see your now suggesting that Celtic didn’t play badly on Sunday to try and make you feel better you carry on son.

12 Dec 2019 15:09:28
turned up at ibrokes earlier this year though?

12 Dec 2019 16:30:19
Love to see some Rangers fans trying to take some small "wins" from that cup final result re chances made or offside etc etc.

It is akin to finding your wife in bed with your best mate but trying to take solace in the fact that he at least used his own condoms! The end result is the same lads!

PS - I had a bet on here with someone (you know who you are) who suggested that Celtic fans would go into hiding if we lost - unless I missed it can you come out of hibernation son and honour it son - I would have?

12 Dec 2019 16:44:09
Double d. 🎣🎣🎣🎣 he’s at the wind up . hooked you anyhoo 🥴😂. although he has got a point . your best player by a mile was one on loan that Southampton are paying 3/ 4 of his wages . but hey that’s why you’ve won 29 trophies. you have a goalkeeper on 75 k a week . probably twice as much as all the other keepers in the league including AMcG put together . But of course you can only beat what’s in front of you. classic.

12 Dec 2019 20:07:51
Are you in the same substance as eggy so we have a player in loan
Question for moley do the rangers have any costly players on loan to them that currently play in the first team
Think about the answer then go have a lie down son and lightly bang your head if the floor then repeat “ rubbish rubbish rubbish should have thought before I posted”.

12 Dec 2019 20:51:21
How do you bang your head "if" the floor dd?

13 Dec 2019 14:27:25
Predictive mistake, well spotted you must be wearing your big boy pants now there you where.

13 Dec 2019 17:49:27
Now there you where? Predictive text again?

13 Dec 2019 23:25:53
Dd1., the difference being we will buy Defoe. yous won't be buying big frankiebhoy.

11 Dec 2019 15:20:58
After Celtics previous two performances I don't think Lennon will last much longer.

I also thing he has lost the dressing room, players don't seem to want to be there, especially there sticker.

I maybe wrong but time will tell, Celtic fans can't be happy with there teams performances recently even though they won them both.

Have Celtic got worst or have Rangers improved, its one or the other.

The last two seasons Celtic were the better team and Rangers were playing catch up, but this season we are catching up fast and hopefully ready to pass and take the league.

time will tell

In GERRARD we trust.

11 Dec 2019 15:29:42
Please stop taking whatever you are on, our last two performances we won, if Lennon is on shaky ground then by your thing gerrad will be sacked this week as he hasn’t won any of his last two games.

11 Dec 2019 16:07:55
DD1 yes you won them and rangers didn't but rangers played a lot better football than Celtic did in these games and that's a fact.

11 Dec 2019 17:55:43
So rangers are top of the league and won the cup because performances are what matter, ok good too know.

11 Dec 2019 18:12:23
You seem to find it hard to accept that Celtic were very poor and Rangers out played them on Sunday

Every manager and fans wants there team to put in a good performance prior to game, we did you didn't we are happy yous can't be.

11 Dec 2019 18:56:33
Again your still taking something? So you wouldn’t have been happy if the rangers had played badly and won?
What a load of nonsense absolute nonsense please just stop your just embarrassing yourself.

11 Dec 2019 19:31:47
Cant belive people are taking your post seriously eggman haha. Youve hooked them.

11 Dec 2019 19:50:22
Nice you actually don’t believe he believed his post
His post was written seriously.

11 Dec 2019 19:53:23
I know but its fun for me.

11 Dec 2019 21:01:02
It’s fun for you to come across as a fool, well you succeeded there.

12 Dec 2019 14:36:20
We have had loads of thrashings against the rangers. but being out played for 60 mins then scoring an offside goal, watching more load miss a pen and then seeing the rangers struggle against 10 men with all the apparent time wasting absolutely tops all previous results, we are getting creative in the ways we break yous. that’s 2 games this season without conceding away from Celtic park. renember egg man it could have been 2-0. Playing well or not doesn’t take away that Celtic have a massive psychological hold over the rangers, it’s now Thursday and your fans are still hurting, what happens if you drop points on sun? Can your team handle any more set backs.


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