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10 Jul 2020 11:17:29
Kambieri just posted on Instagram photo of him driving along motorway towards Glasgow. Might be nothing in it, but!

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10 Jul 2020 12:04:50
Fingers crossed, would be a great addition🤞👍.

10 Jul 2020 12:14:51
How can you tell he is heading towards glasgow All you can tell is he is on a motorway 🙈.

10 Jul 2020 12:53:16
he must have stopped at that petrol station on that side of the road you know next to the indian by the airport.

10 Jul 2020 14:44:26
John Menzies at The airport.

10 Jul 2020 15:00:17
Were is all the signings were ment to have today? the medicals ect i smell uneducated guess work!? .

10 Jul 2020 15:12:15
merely pointing out its odd to post a picture of a motorway, bearing in mind the prezent situation with him. For info I know exactly where that is on the mate. Shame this rumour page is being spoiled by smart asses.

10 Jul 2020 16:33:16
If he signs then we have a good squad player but if he doesn't I won't be losing any sleep!

10 Jul 2020 16:48:07
Will I have seen the same pic and no way can you tell he is in his way to Glasgow so you are lying that’s the problem.

10 Jul 2020 17:27:51
Gies peace.

10 Jul 2020 18:17:28
He was definitely travelling through glasgow. He’s always in a cafe in Renfrew that his Albanian pal owns. Seen him sitting outside it today. Would be nice for him to sign for us but really looks like he was just visiting his mate 👍🏻.

10 Jul 2020 19:23:31
He was at the bounce game today v Hamilton.

10 Jul 2020 20:45:19
Possobear no he was not Whilst he was on mate game was finished.

10 Jul 2020 21:05:35
On mate.

10 Jul 2020 22:03:31
sorry will just using an old joke from this site for warm humour. no offence sir.

10 Jul 2020 22:07:01
I hope he just keeps on driving not good enough for Rangers not even for the squad, Hibs fans were over the moon to get shot off him they certainly preferred Doherty in swap deal, so they say in the East.

11 Jul 2020 12:26:16
totally agree egg, thought mr gerrard was looking for players to go straight in and be in our first 11, can't see that with kamberi. Squad player at best.

11 Jul 2020 17:34:51
The only place Albanians own in Renfrew is the car wash opposite the fire station!

10 Jul 2020 11:16:32
Gers next europa league fixture if we get by leverkusen live 12pm on bt sport.

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10 Jul 2020 12:10:50
If The game is pointless.

10 Jul 2020 12:29:51
Gers meet inter or getafe

Semi if get there wolveburg shaktar basel or eintract


quarter an semi are 1 off games.

11 Jul 2020 15:37:27
No rangers game is pointless, who knows we might just win and go through. Strange things happen.

09 Jul 2020 21:04:07
Dennis Gyamfi the young right back from Leicester is who the medical is for tomorrow.

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09 Jul 2020 21:11:24
Sweep1 - where you hearing this? Do you I've read on here recently that Scott Allan is signing tomorrow. I've heard Souness will be our new chairman tomorrow. Yip it's a rumour site but let's get more real guys.

09 Jul 2020 23:01:40
@The Stuck the Souness one was kicking about last week aswell, i'd love it to be true but reckon it's more wishful thinking than anything. I'll be the happiest man on the planet if it's true though!

09 Jul 2020 23:32:44
A few articles in the paper about him coming to us now too

Not heard of him or watched him

Anyone know of him and what he can bring to the team
Will be straight In or just another young player to add to the squad?

09 Jul 2020 23:53:10
Hedivestotheleft what makes you think Souness would be a good chairman?

10 Jul 2020 00:32:53
Everywhere saying this, looks like a bit of a player from his highlights, quick strong solid, but so did half the shower of rubbish, I’ll take it with a pinch of salt, but an 18 year old who Leicester have offered a contract must have something about him.

10 Jul 2020 01:28:23
55rangers, i'll reverse that and throw it back at you.
Why wouldn't he be a good chairman?
He knows the club.
He has fight.
Would he take a back seat and watch us be dragged through the dirt?
He's a Rangers man. He's not afraid to speak his mind.
I'm greatful for Dave King getting us to where we are now.
But is it not about time we had a chairman who loves the club as much as the fans do?
Who takes no sh*t and isn't afraid to say what everyone else is thinking?

Don't know about you, but i'm ready for all of the above.

10 Jul 2020 08:30:02
Gyamfi would be a major coup if we manage too get him Leinster tried too keep hold of him, he is skilful
Bags of pace
Solid in the tackle
Good awareness
Can break up play
N launch into an attack can cross a ball n shoot too
That's why man Utd
Us n good few others been tracing him would definitely be one who would do a turn now n only get better.

10 Jul 2020 08:31:32
We got dodoo from leicester did we not?

10 Jul 2020 08:36:47
Souness and Allan were getting announced a week or so ago they must be still stuck in traffic.

10 Jul 2020 08:45:02
None of the above are pre qualifications for a successful chairman.

What about years of experience of running a huge business where every move is criticised by everyone including those who support you?

10 Jul 2020 09:32:35
Gyamfi will be an excellent signing and we are now seeing some real quality young players at the Club which bodes well for the future. One has to hope that one or two of them make the breakthrough to the first team this coming season. However we are still in serious need of quality if we are to start winning trophies and despite the abundance of midfield players at the Club, we are sadly lacking in real quality. Other than Jack we have no one with defensive midfield qualities and I still believe that Jack is a better player in a more advanced role. I am hoping that when we start the new season that Aribo will prove his worth as will Kent and we are fortunate to have Hagi, but Davis for me is well past his best and could be destroyed at Aberdeen by their rough man tactics. Kamara has ability but he lacks heart and he goes missing in games. Up front, even if we bring in Kamberi we still need a quality striker, and that assumes that Morelos stays. Defoe still has the quality but if Morelos is missing through injury or suspension then we need a quality younger player to lead the attack and that is not Kamberi. We also need a winger to replace Barker.

10 Jul 2020 09:37:00
I'm not convinced by the Souness rumours. I doubt he wants the hassle that he would inevitably get and one man cannot destroy the Cabal that now runs Scottish Football. Where he could be beneficial is with his contacts that have the wealth to provide much needed finance but whether they would be interested in investing in a Scottish Team has to be debatable. I would prefer us to have a Businessman with years of success in running a business and excess wealth as Chairman.

10 Jul 2020 10:16:52
Personally I prefer a business mind running our club. Souness is a legend in our club but he is not a business man. My choice of chairman would be Park. He is all the things said above about souness but has the business mind that is needed for our club to be a success.
The young RB is a player. He is good enough to be first team regular but he needs time to develop and he will be sensational. Like john said above he is all those wnd his ability to read the game is outstanding for 1 so young.

10 Jul 2020 10:26:33
Berkshireblue your comments re. Davis and Aberdeen rough tactics. Would remind you he has over 100 international caps and hasplayed at top in england. He has come up against teams a lot dirtier than Aberdeen.

10 Jul 2020 12:12:33
6 counties Davis is done in my opinion to be fair hopefully he proves me wrong but I doubt it.

10 Jul 2020 12:27:56
For me Davis was the best player in Scotland the 1st half of the season. Faded the second 1/ 4 of the season as did everyone else at Ibrox.

I think he still has something to offer and is still above Kamara in the pecking order.

10 Jul 2020 16:40:52
6 Counties, in his early years and first time round with us but now he is a lot older and a lot slower. As for dirtier teams in England than Aberdeen, that would take some going. Every time they play us they kick anything that moves! As for Zikos comments, I fully agree that Davis is better than Kamara but for me that simply emphasises that we need to sign a younger better quality midfield player with heart that can look after himself and his team mates!

11 Jul 2020 15:44:02
I think the way the media portrayed Stewart Robertson over the C.V. fiasco makes it a quite pertinent idea to bring in some steel to help fight with the suits for our cause.

Park is too involved in Scottish business to be the right man to lead, in my opinion.

Graeme Souness is interested, clearly, and he would be a great asset to the growing team surrounding Stevie G for 55.

Please bring back Souness. Please!

12 Jul 2020 09:12:17
Shemhamp would be great if Souness came back, I don’t think he needs the hassle. Rumour has been going a while, I think it’s wishful thinking in my part as with others.
Remember many want Robertson out, I don’t. They say Dempster should be there, she has shown her lack off fight since cv.

12 Jul 2020 09:35:07
Agreed DK19 Rangers needs to be run as a business first. We have had years of financial mismanagement and as far as I can see we are in a stronger position because of the likes of Dave king, Douglas parks etc.
I've no idea if Souness would be a good chairman and neither does anyone. But If it was a job interview he wouldn't get past the application stage as he's under qualified.

12 Jul 2020 11:29:17
If French loonies are prepared to pay in excess of £2m for big Frankenstein at Aberdeen then anything is possible. He makes Kevin Kyle look like Cruyff . Morelos has spat the dummy go and watch the Ross County game again, he never tried a leg. he's off and can easily be replaced. England is crammed full of available strikers whether on loan or by the usual provident cheque system on the drip for 6 years. Times are tough and English clubs will be easy to deal with right now.

09 Jul 2020 12:26:13
Robbie Mc away to Livingston on a season long loan.

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09 Jul 2020 20:56:15
Great move for the lad. Good to see couple of our academy players going on loan to premier league clubs
That’s progress.

10 Jul 2020 09:03:29
Yeh seen that, good bit of experience to be had with full season in top flight.

10 Jul 2020 14:47:27
Great platform for the boy, experience of 40 first team games.

10 Jul 2020 15:27:21
Based on his previous loan to Livingstone, and, if he is as successful again, I think he will be ready to fight for the No 1 spot in season 21/ 22.

09 Jul 2020 11:27:43
Skov Olson to be a Rangers player by tomorrow medical in place for tomorrow morning 🤞🏻.

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09 Jul 2020 11:40:05
where you reading this highland?

If we can get this deal in without breaking the bank too much then it would be an impressive signing and would leave us with so much young quality in the attacking areas. However i wouldn't feel comfortable paying anymore than £3m.

09 Jul 2020 13:04:18
Would be a great signing. kent back on for left morelos through middle olsen on right. Hagi number 10 role.

09 Jul 2020 13:14:06
Signed by bolegna
Contracted until 2024
Worth around 6 mill
So might be a loan too buy of true
Or just a loan.

09 Jul 2020 13:19:00
Olson is left footed and gerrard plays kent on left and as far as i know he's playing hagi on right wing again?

09 Jul 2020 13:22:07
I would think it will be a deal around the same style as Original Hagi, loan with exclusive option. Hope so anyway, let’s us focus any considerable few for striker.

09 Jul 2020 13:44:46
Would imagine it's Kent LW, Skov on RW as he likes players to cut in and Hagi through the middle. Sounds a decent trio to be fair!

09 Jul 2020 13:49:56
Olsen is left footed but his main position is playing off the right side, like Kent though and can play both sides.

09 Jul 2020 13:57:33
Would be a great and very surprising Transfer, if true.

09 Jul 2020 13:58:09
6 counties. Olsen on right and kent on left so they can cut in on there good foot.

09 Jul 2020 13:58:32
Get Olsen signed ASAP.

09 Jul 2020 14:31:44
some sites say right some say 67% left. got me dizzy already. let's hope he does the same to the opposition.

09 Jul 2020 14:33:37
Soz guys but no heard of him.

09 Jul 2020 14:50:00
I hope so, Skov Olsen is fantastic and a right sided player with a wand of a left foot. Bit like bale or yarmolenko in the sense he prefers playing on the right despite being left footed.

09 Jul 2020 16:26:27
Paul86 hope your right as long as hagi as a 10 i'm happy. But need striker and cb urgently.

09 Jul 2020 16:40:44
I heard it on the Rangers 1 what’s app group seems to be a few boys with the same information but no sources given.

09 Jul 2020 18:34:06
The problem is SG ain’t going to change the 433 formation IMHO so where is he going to play Hagi as out wide is no good for the kid.

09 Jul 2020 19:42:03
Kja av just said it. Play him in number 10 role. front 3 olsen hopefully kent and morelos.

09 Jul 2020 19:48:26
Watched you tube and boy looks a player.

09 Jul 2020 20:23:04
Olson played for Bologna last night as a sub, I hear is Wesley Said Plays for Toulouse.

09 Jul 2020 20:45:02
Kent needs to play better 1st, he was honking last season.

09 Jul 2020 21:07:55
Not true.

10 Jul 2020 00:27:11
Skov Olsen would be ideal, looking like just rumours though rangers have allegedly been in for him the last 3
Years without anyone hearing a sniff of an official bid. Wonder why?

10 Jul 2020 08:52:08
Highland, I’ve not sen anything of Olson. Is his man position Right wing? Do you rate him?

10 Jul 2020 09:01:31
Would be a very decent left footer and would cause trouble for opposition out on the right.

Main problem for me is that I cannot find any news on where he is going or even rumours.

Hope the opening post rumour is not taking the michael?

10 Jul 2020 09:41:39
Olsen would be an excellent signing however I fear it is more wishful thinking. Players like Olsen are exactly what we need and with him and a couple of others the team starts to look like serious contenders for the Title.

10 Jul 2020 10:21:08
If he signs will SG change formation from 433 to 4231.

07 Jul 2020 23:22:41
Reports claiming that Rangers are poised to resign another former loan player. A permanent deal is being mooted.

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08 Jul 2020 06:26:49
As long as it’s not Ojo we’re okay, Kamberi the obvious option.

08 Jul 2020 07:33:04
Aye Kamberi not exactly surprising news unless it is Ejaria or Sadiq 🙄.

08 Jul 2020 07:59:12
Do you know who? someone posted in another thread Coulibaly but no one even acknowledged him haha.

08 Jul 2020 08:27:49
Really hope not. None of them have really produced. Did hear someone mention coulibaly last week.

08 Jul 2020 08:31:11
As long as it's not Joe Worral.

08 Jul 2020 08:36:26
Koulibaly I believe.

08 Jul 2020 08:46:45
Who could that be?

08 Jul 2020 09:11:47

08 Jul 2020 10:34:47
Any idea who.

08 Jul 2020 11:32:18
Coulibaly was mentioned as a cdm type, would hope it is Flo. Report seemed to suggest it was a player from over a season ago.

08 Jul 2020 12:10:10
Big Kyle Lafferty now his nerves are calm 😂😂.

08 Jul 2020 14:14:47
It. s kamberi they approached hibs

They have also releasted pictures of new goalie jerseys and badge has been modified the word rangers is on top now not the side and the word ready is on the ball now.

08 Jul 2020 14:46:52
Kamberi to Rangers one year deal.
Docherty to hibs one year deal
Polster sold 450 k, good profit for a change.

08 Jul 2020 17:50:06
If Kamberi is the level of our ambition then I fear for us this season. He is ok if we want to beat Aberdeen and Motherwell to 2nd place but to challenge that lot we need far better.

08 Jul 2020 18:35:01
Struggled against the lesser teams last season.

08 Jul 2020 21:11:44
Biff kamberi is squad player. Is betrer than doc hasite jones stewart barker so already a positive move.

08 Jul 2020 19:51:17
If he helps us to beat Aberdeen and Motherwell 8 times I'll take it.

09 Jul 2020 09:25:28
A former loan player and someone frequently mentioned could it be Weiss.

09 Jul 2020 10:33:18
Coulibaly was duff at the end up.

09 Jul 2020 10:34:01
Kamberi does not want a loan deal he wants a permanent one.

09 Jul 2020 12:06:01
True Blue he's out of contract at the end of next season so hell take what's put in front of him and be thankful.

07 Jul 2020 22:36:38
just heard alfredo is on his way to ath Madrid with someone coming to us from them anyone heard anything. just passing on what av bin told . freind of r Perry.

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08 Jul 2020 06:01:57
Never happen. He would struggle to make there bench.

08 Jul 2020 08:00:53
Be awesome if it was the young winger that ripped our youngsters to bits, can’t see it though. Morelos is a top fit for them they love having rubbish strikers like costa etc.

08 Jul 2020 08:07:29
Could poss be something in this as rangers where supposed to have scouted riquelme attacking right mid from them.

But no doubt people are just putting 2n2 together n coming up with 5 n honestly they already have some strike force in
Diego costa and Juan Felix n morata.

08 Jul 2020 08:27:10
There could be something in this as rangers where supposed to have scouted riquelme attacking right mid from them but people might just be putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5 n honestly the already have some strike force in
Diego Costa and jaou Felix and morata plus two cracking youth.

08 Jul 2020 08:37:48
If that’s the case it could be their Croatian forward at 22, he’s valued about £1-2m if they give him plus £15-20 and sell on, I’d take and invest in a few quality signings.

08 Jul 2020 10:35:46
If he is then hopefully its that youngster who rip’d our youth side a new one, don't know if he’s still on the books at atl madrid tho.

08 Jul 2020 11:48:39
Would be ideal, can't see it happening though.

08 Jul 2020 17:47:28
just heard this is garbage.

08 Jul 2020 20:14:18
I herd on talksport There in for cavani on a free and interested in laccazet from arsenal. Can't see it.


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