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13 May 2022 18:44:19
Been scouting french forward Wilfred kanga I've been told. Can play anywhere across front 3 apparently. Must admit never even heard of him and from a euick search doesn't look too impressive stats wise. Only passing on a message I was sent but I'd much rather have amazu if possible.

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13 May 2022 21:08:14
Kanga has a goal or assist ever other game how are they not good stats.

13 May 2022 21:09:22
Stats are better than the boy from Belgiums lol.

13 May 2022 21:58:53
His stats are cracking, Jesus, what on earth are you expecting I don’t know the player however, I do like the idea of getting at least one player who can play anywhere across the front three. I think a player like that will be gold dust.

13 May 2022 22:25:08
Sakala can play any three at the top.

14 May 2022 00:11:59
10 goals this season and 2 last unless I looked at something else.

14 May 2022 06:38:50
From I could see his scored 12 goals in 17 games this season? Although small caveat, that’s in the same league Itten score 20 goals so that might not be saying much .

14 May 2022 11:50:59
23 goals in 100 appearances.
12 in 25 this season.

14 May 2022 12:38:17
In fairness 8 of them where international games, he’s 12 from 17 in the league and cup.

14 May 2022 13:44:01
Wiki is not a good source of information
If that’s where you checked.

14 May 2022 13:53:43
He has played 29 games this season of people are on wiki page that is not a good source for stats transfer market is better.

14 May 2022 18:35:18
I’m still being told we have big interest in Shon Weismann.

14 May 2022 20:14:04
Did someone say this last week or so as well John? Infact it may have been you?

14 May 2022 22:37:49
John25 - is that competition for Morelos or a replacement do you know? I seem to remember you saying he was in the £5m bracket. so would assume that's with a view to him getting plenty game time.

15 May 2022 03:24:31
Shon Weissman would be a very estitute signing great back up to Alfie who i think we will keep this summer who offers us a different option. Aribo, kamara and kent new contracts yo be announced after EL final i’ve heard.

15 May 2022 07:16:39
I did storm. My info not a replacement. Strong believe Alf will sign three year extension.

15 May 2022 07:17:21
Ac Kamara signed his deal.

15 May 2022 07:47:42
I have that you are right on both of these John this would make me very happy indeed.

15 May 2022 08:33:25
Morelos is the key for me,

15 May 2022 10:37:51
100% agree john, kent and aribo can be replaced, morelos different gravy.

15 May 2022 12:18:27
Fully agree John. Keeping Morelos is key. So long as we secure a good fee for Kent and Aribo and Gio is given what ever it takes to bring in his first choices I will be happy. I just hope we can sign two quality centre backs assuming Goldson goes.

13 May 2022 11:54:39
Being reported today it's between Union Berlin and rangers to sign Doehki. They will play in conference league.
Napoli and Atalanta allegedly pulled out.

Here's hoping.

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13 May 2022 12:12:05
Fingers crossed, John25.

13 May 2022 12:35:12
Record stating he has snubbed us and going to Berlin. Quoting Dutch newspaper that he has agreed 4 year deal. Time will tell.

13 May 2022 12:40:24
That kind f flies in face he said only interested in CL team, I think he would have been good signing.

13 May 2022 12:47:28
Quite a long drawn out process, obviously wasn't interested enough or he would have signed pre contract earlier. Kept all his options open, maybe we didn't offer enough. Like you, think he would have been good player.

13 May 2022 13:19:46
Cuillin he said from beginning out of respect to fans he would announce after last league game, mb bit like Goldson.

13 May 2022 13:45:39
No worries John. He is going to a higher standard league than we could've offered, I think he would have stood out more here and could have got the big EPL move. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Keep updating the site John.

13 May 2022 14:21:48
It’s a shame platers we track for so long go to other leagues but understandable.
I’m sure we have other choices.

13 May 2022 14:29:45
That three players who imo would have proved the 11 who went elsewhere ivanic, veerman and doehki.

13 May 2022 14:30:03
Off to union bears. berlin.

13 May 2022 17:19:59
Is it confirmed? Wait and see I guess. Last week Lowry was 100% away to villa.

13 May 2022 18:16:32
Good call true blue, I’m unsure if it’s confirmed.

13 May 2022 18:19:47
Reports saying he has snubbed us so the wanting the champions league was obviously BS because Berlin ain’t in it.

13 May 2022 18:24:50
He's said he wants cl football next season, we're one win away from that, union berlin aren't even in the el next season.

13 May 2022 18:24:54
I’d be surprised if he’s went to Union for money, they tend to work with a smaller budget. They have narrowly missed out on Champions Legaue this season, drawn to many games so maybe he sees them as a club on the up, their rise over the last few years has been superb. They are actually a German team I follow and I’ve been to watch them a few times. Was looking forward to seeing Doehki Turn out for us but maybe it’ll be the stadium in the old forest that I see him play.

13 May 2022 18:28:36
John. Ivanic stayed at red star belgrade.

13 May 2022 21:32:00
Union Berlin ain’t even certain if European football yet.

13 May 2022 21:39:33
Missing out on doekhi and goldson leaving also is a massive massive blow good cb are getting harder and harder to find in our budget nowadays.

14 May 2022 06:38:50
If union Berlin offer him double what rangers offer him then champions league football means nothing. John25 posted a rumour about 6 months ago on this guy and the fact it came down to 2 trams then I'd say that was a very reliable rumour. I personally hope someone is lined up to replace Goldson because Soutter is going play 25 games max with his injury worries.

14 May 2022 07:14:37
Irv I know but signed extension after we offered 3 millyaccording to there owner.

14 May 2022 07:30:48

14 May 2022 12:03:56
Talking to boy in work last night who works across Europe promoting big concerts for singers and bands, but also works on sporting events. He said he'd heard that some players are put off coming to either Rangers or Celtic as they are not prepared to move family and have their lives in the spotlight in Glasgow. Playing elsewhere is more attractive as they can have a level of anonymity and normality off the field. He suggested it was worse if you are a Rangers player as they get targeted for more abuse.

14 May 2022 12:46:10
Colin especially from their own fans.

14 May 2022 15:43:15
Look at the players that have come and loved it though defoe lundstram to name just two also Gerrard loved his time here. Yes you're in a goldfish bowl but u have also got the chance to be treated like heroes.

14 May 2022 22:15:42
IF we make champions league big Conner stays I think.

14 May 2022 22:59:54
Don’t believe it for a minute our league gets bad press the leagues in Italy Germany France and England are worse than ours for fans they just don’t publish it as much as we do in Scotland.

15 May 2022 03:35:28
Union Berlin lol if that’s the guys level let's give him a miss because he doesn’t get it.

15 May 2022 10:44:57
If he does go to berlin it's just another example of a player saying one thing and doing another.

16 May 2022 07:58:30
@sweep, John25 posted the rumour? I don't think it was you that announced this rumour was it John25?

12 May 2022 21:03:53
I heard a rumour Davies going to st mirren I personally think that's bull.

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12 May 2022 21:26:03
Laud72, that rumour was posted on here months ago mate.

12 May 2022 21:52:35
Laudrup has been floated a few times, he must be taken some pay cut if he goes there.

13 May 2022 03:48:31
He can easily afford it John he’s been payed well over 25million in wages before tax in his playing career he will never need to worry about cash and I would bet he has invested some of it.

13 May 2022 10:47:52
It’s not him can st mirren afford it.
Better in England. I heard Sunderland offered him 10 k a week.

13 May 2022 11:24:09
Ment to be a player coach good luck u him.

13 May 2022 13:21:01
Yes east Belfast seems he definitely wants to remain in game after football career over. He has been an incredible servant off club.

13 May 2022 15:19:04
John, and country, mate.

13 May 2022 19:44:48
He will prob go to Sunderland then I’ve got a funny felling that kn#b from Fleetwood will try and sign him they have just over double st mirrens wage bill do think they could offer him 5/ 6k.

14 May 2022 08:34:00
RFC and I believe Davis friend Whittaker will b there.

12 May 2022 21:01:29
Report online Aston villa want Calvin bassey.

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12 May 2022 21:13:02
20mill with add ons.

12 May 2022 21:34:30
At least 30 million, if he can learn to head the ball 40 million 😂.

12 May 2022 22:00:47
I'm not surprised, this lad is improving so fast, been really impressed with him despite a bit of a shaky start.

13 May 2022 10:38:51
Bassey is lethal. Young, Fast, powerful and can play. Really think the lad might go for big bucks. Really happy as i read Bassey trained all summer to improve??.

13 May 2022 12:43:44
And Goldson too if rumours are true -.

13 May 2022 14:21:50
I saw this. Apparently wants him for left back. Villa just spent a small fortune on the left back from Everton. I think it's probably just lazy journalism.

14 May 2022 04:54:35
Aye 25 million and he’s pi#h 2 assists no goals in 26 games in the epl.

12 May 2022 19:31:16
Well as i said in earlyer post looks like roofe is out of final and agin we must ship out all the injury prone players its just not go9d enough them being on treatment table at important times hope the club eventually learn once and for all also why hasn't the club gave any up date on the boy way heart problems is the boys carear over shame cause i heard he was some player.

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12 May 2022 21:34:13
Wwst why would a club share a players highly confidential health issues.

12 May 2022 21:50:38
Have to agree with you there mate. If he wasn't so injury prone and had pace he'd be incredible but sadly he doesn't.

12 May 2022 22:46:07
So we get shot of Roofe, Hagi, Morelos, Jack, Helander etc? Good plan.

13 May 2022 04:40:22
Stop twisting guys words hagi mo are not injury prone he's obviously talking roofe and helander . jack has a condition that needs managed and is more predictable roofe and helander are glass ankles 2&3.

13 May 2022 06:01:07
Tav, why are you adding in players. Roofe was the only one we were talking about but helander can go too.

13 May 2022 06:06:37
Morelos ain’t injury prone.

13 May 2022 07:17:59
Go for Roofe has a knee injury.

13 May 2022 07:18:44
Livi we r all allowed opinions on here. Not just what u say.

13 May 2022 09:45:58
Roofe hasn't been ruled out yet.

13 May 2022 11:20:16
Maybe Morelos is imjury prone now? Hope not btw.

13 May 2022 15:38:09
Sorry John but I have nothing against opinions it's adding things in that weren't said and pulling them up for it. Sorry I should know my place on John's rumours site.

14 May 2022 04:55:34
Roofe needs to go, him and itten.

14 May 2022 08:35:18
Certainly not my site livi, don’t be a wean.

14 May 2022 11:57:00
Barasic has been a bit injury prone as well, but him and Roofe do contribute when fit. Helander I feel has not had a clear run and then whenever he does start he is always pulling up injured through just running or clearing a ball. Roofe and Borna at least seem to take knocks before going out the game. Big Phil is our worst player for being injured, in my opinion.

11 May 2022 22:52:32
John .,
You are the man ., I’ve researched but can’t find owt
But do you know if that document that has been posted on the sightings page is for real?

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12 May 2022 10:37:48
I’m also struggling to find anything. Sometimes takes a few days to appear.
U could try search of court for papers released.

12 May 2022 11:30:45
Its from feb so should be able to find it well by now.

12 May 2022 12:08:39
Sons of struth had it on their Facebook page yesterday.

12 May 2022 13:11:38
Molsgoals carried out some research re above.

Justice moulderdid prescribe over SDI and rangers case. It appears both parties agreed to settle out off court providing the out come was kept confidential.
This was instigated by SDI.

The reality is no one should be able to get info and publish as they would be clearly in contempt.

This obviously relates to ongoing case whereby court questions SDI reliability of evidence, awarding costs to rangers, SDI appeal.

Really whatever costs in or out that agreed ought to show in accounts at time off payment, unless it becomes 0 to both parties. Imo a likely, given SDI sought confidentiality clause.
I feel if they had won they would be shouting from roof tops.

12 May 2022 14:22:07
Or we've agreed to give them 50p per top sold fur next few year reason for keeping it stoosh is us fans would go mental and prob refuse to buy them.

12 May 2022 14:23:01
John, i think the same as you on this one, but i couldn't have explained it like yourself mate.

12 May 2022 14:53:49
Wwst ther is more Chance us winning league this season
Remember we never asked for clause the did.

12 May 2022 15:48:29
I had heard in March that the case had been settled but seen nothing to back it up, just wondering if this is it.

12 May 2022 16:34:06
Stewart Robertson asked in interview about SD, he says I can’t comment on that.

Ibrox not opening as staff will be in Seville.

12 May 2022 16:46:59
In Seville this week, fly home on the 17th. Nothing really apparent re fanzine etc here. Banners on lamp posts but nothing much else, really surprised. 34 degrees today so for help the horses when they arrive. Let’s all be sensible and try and not tarnish the club’s reputation again. Be safe.

12 May 2022 17:16:48
If there was money owed or payed it would be public knowledge, I suspect big kine git hee haw and both sides were told to draw a line I also suspect Ashley's proposed bidding of Derby may also have had a bearing on this situation possibly blocking him from bidding there . either way big Mike's gone and we can move on another dark chapter closed but never forgotten.

12 May 2022 20:16:20
I agree ness bear and indeed it’s brilliant news after the scaremongering that we would be paying him 20 mil plus lol.,
He’s gone … thank you from the bottom of my and many others heart Mr King … you played a blinder and didn’t give in to his bully tactics.
We owe you a lot I feel .

12 May 2022 21:35:15
Gentlemen he is gone on that court case. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we r his toy.

12 May 2022 22:37:44
Wwst, we won't be giving ashey a penny, i told you this as did others on this very site earlier today, did you think you would have got different replies this time around,

11 May 2022 22:18:31
I believe there are three places up for grabs in Seville now. Our back five (including Greegs) is an automatic pick, along with Aribo, Kent and Lundstram. You could make a case for another six or seven, but who knows what Gio will decide? Interesting thought.

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11 May 2022 23:20:05
For me it will be same as last match. Think only change could be Scott wright.

12 May 2022 05:46:25
If jacko is fit he most definitely plays against frankfurt also tavsonloyal 🤔.

12 May 2022 05:54:09
Lowry for wright would be my only change.

12 May 2022 06:30:53
Is it too big a game for Lowry at this point, I know Frankfurt are a far bigger test than county but I thought the kid strolled it last night, he’s going to be massive for us.

12 May 2022 06:33:02
Is jack injured or being rested? He will play if he's being rested.

12 May 2022 09:13:16
Paul I'd love to see him and lundstrum playing in both finals, those two work great together.

12 May 2022 09:56:52
Injured Paul, but Gio says good chance for Seville.

12 May 2022 10:39:20
Jack is injured. Gio said last night better chance of making it than roofe.

12 May 2022 11:28:13
Big decisions for gvb next week, we need players not only fit but also with match sharpness, not sure I'd play roofe even if he is fit, he'd be lacking match sharpness.

12 May 2022 11:32:06
Just seen john gio said he should be available. Great news.

12 May 2022 12:00:35
Jack is a big one if fit. Be interesting to see what he does around Ramsey and Roofe as that’s the big decision.

Then between Sakala and Wright possibly.

12 May 2022 12:15:17
Gio might well spring a surprise or two for this game. i'm not sure that Wright will get a start in fact the Manchester United might be thrown in!

12 May 2022 12:56:13
Coops, I agree all the way about Jacko, I just feared he wouldn't make it but it seems he might after all. That's nine starters. The last two places I think will go to either Ramsey, Roofe, Sakala or Wright, depending on fitness calls.

12 May 2022 13:31:41
Tavs. I believe kamara starts.

12 May 2022 14:25:28
If roofes no fit fur the final i'd hope we get rid end of season we can't afford 1st aiders.

12 May 2022 14:55:01
We will so would u also get rid helander Jack

Roofe has many more minutes than Jack.


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