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10 Oct 2019 08:05:07
See Stevie G is linked to Leeds today keeping tabs on him.

we will just have to live with the links .

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10 Oct 2019 11:35:42
Hes not going to leave rangers for Leeds tho is he?

10 Oct 2019 20:48:29
I heard it was a vardy rumour.

07 Oct 2019 14:48:10
Any updates on jack kent and jones? Would be fantastic to be back to full strength after international break. Kent jones and morelos in front 3 would terrorise defenders.

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07 Oct 2019 15:51:49
Jack and Kent should be available after the international break with Jones not far behind.

08 Oct 2019 17:01:50
I think this last few matches have really shown the quality we have as a squad. Jones will have to work hard to get back into the side now.
Excited to see Kent finally get back to tearing defences apart.

08 Oct 2019 19:27:25
Apparently Kent and Ojo have a great understanding and terrorised teams when playing at Liverpool.

08 Oct 2019 19:55:05
According to lfc site both have not played together since 2015 as they have been out on loan to various different teams.
Enlighten us where they played together Bankie.

08 Oct 2019 20:38:47
John25, passing on what I’ve been told by a mate who is a Liverpool fan. According to him as a combination they will create havoc up here Looking forward to seeing them in same team with Morelos.

08 Oct 2019 21:00:59
Cool Bankie they did not do it together for Liverpool.

08 Oct 2019 21:39:28
John25, think they played together at the age groups.

09 Oct 2019 04:32:26
they played under 18. sure if you watch kents goals on youtube you see ojo and kent linking up very well think it should be good to see what happens now as said been out on loan away from Liverpool for couple of seasons so hope they still have that spark together.

09 Oct 2019 08:49:29
Cannot understand why Ojo alia Ohno would suddenly turn into a decent player just because Kent is playing on the other wing. You either have it or you dont, and Ohno hasn't got it. He is an okay player but not great.

09 Oct 2019 09:47:42
Bankie go look at when they signed ojo.

09 Oct 2019 12:40:40
John25, when did they sign him?

09 Oct 2019 13:29:13
John 25 they played together 😂😂😂 a dunno why your arguing this moot point. Go watch youtube videos you will see them both playing and linkin well together. even if there both on loan to clubs that loan ends and they both go back to liverpool for a period before again going out on loan. Plus ojo himself has came out just as we were signing kent and said he couldn't wait to play with kent again to terrorise teams.

09 Oct 2019 13:34:58
John25 ojo said in an interview with the record they had a telepathy together on the park. It also says they both played for the liverpool youth for the past 5 years.

09 Oct 2019 14:01:19
The mite point is they signed as kids, fro 17 went there own way on loan and played less than ten games together, we r trying to make them something they r not.

09 Oct 2019 16:15:38
So uve just had yer bum skelped and you come bavk with that? It doesn't matter when they both signed they both played together in games plus before we got ojo they were at liverpool After kent went bk. ojo is a good player he's still trying to get a grip if the pace of it up here. It took kent a good while to get going and he's better on the right wing. He can cut in and shoot he rarely hits the byline so with him and tav one side and kent and borna the other it brings good balance and attacking down both sides.

09 Oct 2019 18:16:06
Boogie never got my bum skelped, I actually like hankies posts they r normally good and informative.
I have followed Liverpool as my English team and simply ask when they played together on a regular basis in same team.
It simply asks how many.
I have no issue with either player. U go and research and prove me factually incorrect, we r here to learn
Also reason I came back with when they signed was a response to Bankie question.

09 Oct 2019 19:37:20
John25. Kent and Ojo played together over a 5 year period in young Liverpool teams where they “created havoc” before signing full time professional contracts at the club. We know neither player made the breakthrough into the senior team at Liverpool hence the reason, with SG’s influence, we have them at Ibrox. Really looking forward to seeing them reunited in a few weeks in same starting 11.

09 Oct 2019 21:05:11
Cool Bankie. I personally don’t look at pre 17, we had guys like Dallas, Hardie mckay etc destroyed teams at youth level, now struggle for a game.
I do feel Kent and ojo r useful addition to squad orteam.

09 Oct 2019 21:43:16
Ojo saying he has a telepathy with kent is an insult to kent. I have yet to see ojo tear a defence apart👍.

10 Oct 2019 05:52:15
Why all the Ojo bashing? Yes he is inconsistent, can not do much in a game but he does score and assist.

He's young and here to learn and develop, unfortunately that is part of signing young lads on loan.

10 Oct 2019 12:43:12
Ojo done more in a few weeks than Kent done over a full season some fans are ridiculous because Kent slapped brown they can’t see past it he went ****in ages without scoring or assisting last season lol.

10 Oct 2019 13:41:08
Guys I am not bashing ojo, I’m simply questioning the post and level of games he has played alongside Kent.

10 Oct 2019 20:22:51
I'll bash him jboy, ojo is a passenger and once kent and jones are back, he'll be benched unless gerrard was daft enough to have a clause in the loan where he has to play ojo x amount of games. Worrall all over again. Not good enough for us. 👍.

11 Oct 2019 12:14:10
Scored magnificent goal against Feyenoord to secure Europa League points.

11 Oct 2019 12:46:44
Mckay scored a belter against celtic🤷‍♂️👍.

11 Oct 2019 16:50:11
Agreed Coldo, that was a belter and got us into Cup Final.

11 Oct 2019 20:30:19
the play OJO adverts on TV must be driving you insane lol.

11 Oct 2019 20:33:45
Pity he wasn't good enough for cup final level🤷‍♂️👍.

06 Oct 2019 18:51:46
I like many on here question why big Goldson seems to be undroppable. However with that being said, if you actually watch the way he organises and constantly talks to players around him maybe this is why he seems to be the constant at the back. I really like Katic and Edmundson looks the part too but they are still very young in terms of centre half's and this may be the managers thinking regarding Goldson. Anyway top of the league and looking strong not just in our 1-11 but right throughout the squad. This just could be our year!

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06 Oct 2019 22:04:14
goldson is like papac, does it so well so often u forget to pay attention.

06 Oct 2019 22:31:03
Del, I think his communication is the only reason he isn’t being dropped, it sure as hell isn’t because of his defensive displays. I actually wonder how much of a say mcGregor has in who starts in front of him, maybe he also prefers Goldson because they communicate well together and isn’t a language barrier? Just a thought.

07 Oct 2019 06:29:08
I think you could be right zikos but I would rather have big goldson than hawd it and dodit over at livingston yesterday big dykes bullied they 2 all day yesterday and they lost the plot when they didn’t get their own way they lost their discipline completely it was a joy to watch 🇬🇧.

07 Oct 2019 10:01:44
People are a bit unfair on Goldson I think. He has made some poor decisions recently but he plays well more often than not. He won't get it his own way every game. Same applies to Tav. He plays good more often than not but admit he has had a wee dip in form. Time to cut the guys some slack.

07 Oct 2019 11:58:00
Sometimes goldson's use of the ball leaves a lot to be desired, however he is an organiser at the back and this must be gerrards thinking. We are blessed with 4 very good defenders right now and when we pick up injuries we will be thankful of this.

07 Oct 2019 13:06:30
Goldson is a leader on the pitch and is held in great esteem by his team mates, Gerrard and me. We have 4 good centre-backs, only issue is giving them all game-time.

07 Oct 2019 13:50:43
Agree souness read big goerge singing his praises post match yesterday he seems to be the one that the other look to for advice help certainly george n niko almost like a mentor.

07 Oct 2019 14:29:25
Love the fact all the former goldson haters are now singing his praises 😂😂😂.

07 Oct 2019 14:45:48
Had some absolutely horrific showings last season also. His communication mayne keeping him in side. As footballer wise i currently have him 4th best centre half. honestly think edmunson looking class.

07 Oct 2019 16:28:16
Never once said anything positive or negative about Goldson on here. So who you calling out Brogie?

07 Oct 2019 19:45:25
Nor me either 🤫.

07 Oct 2019 22:41:09
Personally not a huge Goldson fan, think I would still try and find a better pairing between the others. Think he is pacy enough and decent on the ball but will always have a mistake in him and can easily be bullied off the ball. I think if you play Goldson then you always play Katic to give us the physical presence which Goldson lacks.

07 Oct 2019 22:45:58
Nor me, definitely think big niko is our best cb tho would be him n goldson for me.

08 Oct 2019 14:40:11
Not a big fan of Goldson, 3rd choice for me, Yes he scored on Sunday but still his decision making and ball delivery is shocking, Plus for such a big guy, He is easy bullied of the ball, But SG must see something I and some others don’t, Great result on Sunday especially with THEM getting beat, Onwards and Upwards, 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👍.

08 Oct 2019 22:21:56
Think Goldsons problem is he’s constantly covering for Tav being posted missing and trying to deal with his mistakes. Often leads to him being out of position.

08 Oct 2019 23:45:54
inconsistent for me, been poor recently in general terms, but he can make some great diagonal passes if he has time on the ball just unfortunately he doesn't get time on the ball.

09 Oct 2019 12:34:40
Goldson wins every ball in the air rounds up the defence and actually scores a few in to the bargain lol does well for someone left in the lurch off our captain rapid.

05 Oct 2019 23:33:19
Katic has got to start tomorrow and hope he keeps his place should his performances merit it.

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06 Oct 2019 07:21:05
Hopefully. He should be played on the right in Goldson's berth, but we all know that's not going to happen.

06 Oct 2019 09:49:08
Pappy maybe we should sack gerrard and put you in charge.

06 Oct 2019 12:50:00
Katic should start 6counties. Your statement is ridiculous🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️👍.

06 Oct 2019 14:46:59
Why does he keep chopping and changing our defence Katic for me is our best central defender also a goal threat but out again today need to get a settled back four.

06 Oct 2019 16:37:24
I'm a Katic fan and Goldson not so much but give Goldson his due he scores goals.

04 Oct 2019 18:34:16
Hearing southampton director of football ross wilson poised to be offered our director of football job to replace mark allen. He will supposedly be attending our game against hamilton on sunday. If true a terrific appointment and he was originally our board's first choice before mark allen got it, as wilson had originally knocked the job back, due to wanting to stay at southampton for the time being.

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04 Oct 2019 18:52:24
Supercoop, if true this would be great call. Let’s look out for him on Sunday then.

04 Oct 2019 20:37:04
That can't be true coop. We've got no money and Allen left because we were going bust!

04 Oct 2019 21:13:59
So your saying Allen refused to stay and Collect a wage because we’re skint? Lol hasn’t stopped Jamie Murphy and the rest but eh, get real.

04 Oct 2019 21:47:53
Well its true mrgrumpy, believe it or not but i can assure you that ross wilson is in advanced talks regarding accepting our DOF job, just like i posted on here around 3 hours ago now. I think you're well misinformed regarding we have no money pal. It ain't the case although scaremongers and the supporters of the east end mob, would like you to think that is gospel.

04 Oct 2019 22:08:47
I think mrgrumpy is being sarcastic guys lol.

05 Oct 2019 00:13:56
does nobody on this site understand sarcasm? 🙈🙈.

05 Oct 2019 06:32:13
reckon grumpy was just being sarcastic SG!

05 Oct 2019 08:11:52
Some people have scrambled eggs for brain's. Come on guys. Jesus Christ!

05 Oct 2019 08:59:59
Mr Grumpy, no one in west of Scotland seems to comprehend your sarcasm, yet i believed it's the sarcasm capital of the world.

05 Oct 2019 09:07:30
How does that work with gerrard as Allen recruited him and now potentially he will have a new boss? Is this the way forward? Wilson seems like a well respected individual and held in high regard, just hope it works for best of our club.

05 Oct 2019 09:33:19
its not a boss thing. different roles, and each although have their own roles, both work together.

05 Oct 2019 10:09:42
Thankfully only a couple didn't get my attempt at sarcasm (coop Iam disappointed with you! )
happen to think that getting someone like Ross Wilson as DOF would be good for the club.

05 Oct 2019 11:17:26
SG interviewed Ross, was fully involved and supports the appointment.

05 Oct 2019 12:31:57
Fair doos mrgrumpy, point taken pal.

05 Oct 2019 13:31:30
Is this the same ross wilson that knocked us back 2 year ago🤔. That's interesting 😂😂👍.

05 Oct 2019 14:20:09
Coldo, says that in the initial post by Coop, what is your point?

05 Oct 2019 14:25:31
Here is a guy that knocked us back at a time when we were going nowhere and now he is being welcomed with open arms. Literally couldn't make it up with some folk on here. How's that bankie🤔🤦‍♂️👍.

05 Oct 2019 14:33:19
Many successful people in all walks of life turn down jobs only to land that job later in career.

05 Oct 2019 14:46:18
Don't suppose he can play right back.

05 Oct 2019 14:49:00
Do they bankie, that's interesting. So he wouldn't be classed as a rat perhaps🤔👍.

05 Oct 2019 15:21:54
Coldo, for goodness sake get a grip, suggest you check out his CV and reputation.

05 Oct 2019 17:27:55
Bankie you clearly have not got a clue what's going on, take your time mate you'll catch on eventually👍.

05 Oct 2019 18:05:02
Coldo, feel free to tell us what is going on pal, I’m sure we’d all thank you for sharing your wisdom. In the meantime I’ll continue supporting my team.

05 Oct 2019 19:16:53
Its funny that someone who rejected us is now being welcomed with open arms. Short memory, fickle comes to mind. You do that bankie👍.

05 Oct 2019 19:55:49
Coldo, It would not be the first time a future club legend had turned us down first time round. Enjoy the game tomorrow. 😉.

05 Oct 2019 20:17:21
Pity others don't share your view, will do👍.

05 Oct 2019 23:49:49
He had unfinished business at the time if i recall, perhaps he has finished that now.

06 Oct 2019 12:50:54
So did others🤷‍♂️👍.

07 Oct 2019 13:10:46
He maybe had some personal stuff at the time, which meant he didn't accept. Situations change for people sometimes, this is life. Coldo seems to like a vendetta, be it against Ojo, Morelos, Tav, Goldson, Barisic or whoever ;)

04 Oct 2019 10:30:27
Gerrard being far too loyal to certain players, while dropping others who have did nothing wrong also thought. mcgregor could've did better with second no explanation needed for tav.

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04 Oct 2019 10:56:36
Kamara should never have been dropped👍.

04 Oct 2019 11:36:51
Who knows why Kamara was dropped, poor attitude in training? Not fit enough? I have no idea, he hasn't been great this season though.

04 Oct 2019 12:25:33
I think its harsh on McGregor to say he should have done better with it. The fault for that goal and the previous lies with Tav, I love tav to bits he's a tremendous player going forward with the ball but he is vulnerable defensively although he has improved that aspect of his game. As far as Gerrard being too loyal to some players I would have to agree i. e. Goldson. I do like Goldson but for me Katic starts ahead of him, he's made so many errors yet gets into the team every week, I feel like Katic plays amazing but can make a small mistake and he's dropped. Kamara is a shadow of the player we seen last season. He's brilliant when his back is turned to the game getting it into feet and turning players but I've noticed if he gets the ball ahead of the players behind at the edge of our box he can't seem to move it out quick enough and has been caught out a few times this season already, we will concede goals this season from this I feel.

04 Oct 2019 13:14:08
Give Katic and Edmundson a game against Hamilton on Sunday, These two guys need game time especially Katic, Or I could see him putting in a transfer request come January, As you know my thoughts on Goldson, The guy needs to be dropped and Helander hasn’t set the Heather on fire, If it was possible move Tav forward as his defending is shocking, And give the the Captains Arm Band to either Davis or Jack 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺👍.

04 Oct 2019 13:47:12
Its because he hasn't had a run of games mrgrumpy. He should have been allowed to pick up where he left off and we would be seeing the kamara that finished last season. Gerrard is to blame for taking him out the team for no reason👍.

04 Oct 2019 14:11:20
It was tav's 2 errors which cost us,
but there's nobody going to tell me that allan mcgregor shouldn't have saved their winning goal, because he should have, with a keeper of his ability. No getting away from it, Kylel1872!

04 Oct 2019 14:25:30

Have to disagree with you on that


04 Oct 2019 14:27:24
I think Jack is a great shout for skipper.

04 Oct 2019 15:41:17
McGregor was way out of position directly because Tav made an arse of it.
No way any blame lies with McGregor.

04 Oct 2019 15:59:42
Can’t believe you want to blame McGregor, total joke! He was not responsible for that goal. It all comes down to Tav he should be ashamed of himself. Goldson needs dropped, Ojo was well off it, look forward to getting Kent back.

04 Oct 2019 16:05:54
All i stated was i felt a keeper of mcgregor's ability should have saved their winning goal, end of. It was tav's fault in the first place for their 2 goals, simple as that. Nothing untoward, only my opinion!

04 Oct 2019 17:14:37
Oh my god. Surely u are not suggesting we drop mcgregor for wes? Hahahah.

04 Oct 2019 18:23:30
Guys, last nights game plan, tactics and overall performance were good and unfair to pick on Kamara. Individual errors by Tav and Goldson cost us. Need to move on now and pick up 3 points with a performance against Hamilton on Sunday. We currently have no ready replacement for Tav so he will play and let’s all get behind him.

04 Oct 2019 18:26:30
Think he should have saved it as well coops, he's a bit out of position tho simply due to the horrific mistake of tav. watched it back again and even the first goal helander should have blocked the cross but tried to go for it with the wrong foot.

04 Oct 2019 19:22:15
I've been saying for about a year that Tav shouldn't be captain but normally get shot down in flames.

He is 2 placid. I never see him get in players faces. What's tobe everyone pal.

04 Oct 2019 21:19:50
Can’t see why everyone’s blaming tav, ball was in the centre of the park and that’s Goldson area, tav was unlucky to not cover for Goldson but should be praised for spotting the danger early in Goldsons area, Goldson for me has to take complete responsibility for not being prepared on the striker in case the ball got through, and I love mcgregor but beat at his near post? , well the blame game lies 75% Goldson, 25% mcgregor in my opinion, but all in all I’m proud the players for being so close to victory, even closer to a draw, away from home in the group stage the europa, was a great performance, and just one that nights a little bit luck went against us 👍.

05 Oct 2019 09:36:27
inclined to think we play kamara too far back. he is better going forward, and probably better in advanced position than aribo, who in turn seems better slightly further back.

05 Oct 2019 11:59:56
Kamara has been really poor this season. Passing has been dreadful and a shadow of the player he was last season. Not blaming him for the other night tho.

04 Oct 2019 08:46:36
OK guys, no point in slagging off Tav who did cost us the game by the way.

The blame lies squarely on Stevie, to me he is not learning the management role fast enough to get us back to the good old days like with my idol Walter.

Before Davie Murrey f'd the club tho.

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04 Oct 2019 10:57:24
But tav did a tav twice and cost us the game🤷‍♂️👍.

04 Oct 2019 12:58:30
Aye Coldo he did, but the buck stops wi the manager like wi every other club as I'm sure your'e aware.

Why do you think a load of them get the boot (sacked) .

04 Oct 2019 13:50:37
Sometimes you can't account for stupidity billy, you can't blame gerrard for tav's stupidity. that's what lost the game👍.

04 Oct 2019 14:42:37
What people forget is that Walter Smith spent over £50m on players in his 6 years in charge, money that recent Rangers managers could only dream about, and as I recall, when he left Rangers we were in a poor state and on the way down. The team value was no where near £50m when he got out.

04 Oct 2019 17:28:35
Blue Billy gerrard had the team set up well last night, it was so comfortable for us. You csnt legislate for 2 mistakes you wouldn't expect sn under 12 player to make.

03 Oct 2019 22:27:31
Right guys! I'm a fan of Tav but lately he's just not doing it for the team no more. I say give the arm band to Davis or jack who actually put in a shift. Send that ojo back we don't need him. ( Yes he scored a cracker against feynoord) . But again tonight he just not ready for a big game not back tracking when he should be. Borna left to do things on his one.

Kamara was just outstanding he played tonight for his spot. Borna again seems to be grown into the team. ( puts me in mind of Arthur Newman but with pace ) I was gutted that Gerrard never took of ojo and thrown on airbo after 33 mins. Morelos for me is going to just grow as a player and a human there is money to be made with him and he keeps scoring goals then he will be the biggest transfer that's came out of scotland, and it will be hard to beat that.

Thoughts guys?

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04 Oct 2019 00:14:04
Aribo wasnt even on the bench. kamara was average, not hit near his form of last season yet.

04 Oct 2019 00:20:44
Stick to fifa.

04 Oct 2019 06:45:28
I agree about everything definitely other than Kamara. he's too lightweight and doesn't have any dig. We don't have enough attacking midfielders either who score goals.

04 Oct 2019 07:12:47
Borna nowhere near Arthur Numan I’m afraid. He’s playing better agreed but still needs to improve. Stripping the captaincy is an absolute ridiculous shout as well. He was at fault for the goals and been poor in maybe 2 other games this season but as shown against Aberdeen last weekend and many times before has got the ability and mentality to bounce back and be as creative and important to us with his performances. It’s the typical knee jerk reaction from Rangers fans after a defeat.

04 oct 2019 08:24:21
tav has never been more then an average player, without candeias he is below average. over hitting crosses and free kicks, not getting back and roaming inside and leaving wingers too much space.
he has never been any better.

04 Oct 2019 08:34:01
I agree Ojo is a waste of a shirt. The sooner Kent comes back the better.

04 Oct 2019 10:26:38
I have to say, i think tav is a cracking player and could play for scotland. But i feel his main issue is there is no challenge for his position so he has got complacent i feel we need another RB that can put pressure on tav i don't think polster will be that guy.

04 Oct 2019 10:27:31
Aribo wasn’t even on the bench!

04 Oct 2019 11:01:58
FB kamara hasn't hit the form from last season because he hasn't been given the chance, he was dropped for aribo at the start of the season. If kamara was given a constant run we would see the kamara from last season. Our midfield was top drawer but stevie just had to tinker with it. Aribo is far too slow and kamara should never have lost his place to him👍.

04 Oct 2019 11:39:19
How many games do you think Kamara would need to show the form of last season Coldo?

04 Oct 2019 13:52:30
A run in the team, how many games did it take last season? The way kamara finished last season, did he deserve to lose his place to aribo? No. 👍.

04 Oct 2019 14:48:11
As1974 your spot on "we don't have enough attacking midfielders". This is why we are not creating enough goal scoring chances. If you struggle to score (which we have done in almost every game this season, barring the game against a weakened Aberdeen) then you are probably scoring on average 1 goal which means the opposition only need one stroke of luck, a moment of genius, or a defensive error (like Tav) to go home with a draw at least. Its not rocket science its simple fact.


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