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13 Jul 2020 14:47:46
Av herd from a usual good source that we in for Andy Carroll. Would do a job here iimo.

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13 Jul 2020 14:59:22
Could see that actually. Will know SG from time at Liverpool. Would have him myself.

13 Jul 2020 15:15:32
Really? Managed 43 appearances (most from the bench) over the last 3 seasons and scored 3 goals yet would still be looking for wages of minimum 30 - 40k per week? . Nope!

13 Jul 2020 15:19:26
Definite salary issues bringing in any first team player from the English Premiership?

13 Jul 2020 15:28:56
Jimmydodger, it's precisely because SG will know him from Liverpool that we won't be going anywhere near him - or his wheelchair.

13 Jul 2020 15:37:39
100% no thank you.

13 Jul 2020 15:38:58
Just signed one year deal at Newcastle.

13 Jul 2020 15:42:03
No chance he is injury daft not worth anything.

13 Jul 2020 15:59:13
Thought this was a Rumours page.

Not a BS page. Seriously guys, behave yourselves.

13 Jul 2020 16:07:33
Got to agree that we ain’t going to go anywhere near him. It’s SG biggest season of his life, there’s no way he’s going to take a chance on such a risky signing. Just my opinion.

13 Jul 2020 16:12:11
Covenanter 👍.

13 Jul 2020 18:03:52
Andy Carroll’s a raspberry, he was pretty good for Newcastle first time around but ever since then he’s been mince, injury prone to the extreme not even on pay as you play would I go there.

13 Jul 2020 21:21:45
I would rather sign Leigh Griffiths than fkn Andy Carrol. Jeezo.

14 Jul 2020 04:19:31
Andy Carroll get real nearly as bad an injury record as Daniel Prodan again fans happy to accept mediocrity again with the same old line oh he would do a job no he wouldn't guy cannot play 5 games in a row sobwhat use is he to us for every game he plays he misses another 6 games can hardly move now either but fans are happy to have players like that terrifying.

13 Jul 2020 09:37:58
With the Bristol City billionaire trying to prise gerrard away i hope he doesn't leave but was thinking if he did who would be good replacement van bronckhorst is name i keep thinking off he did well at feynoord few year ago won the league he's young to for manager has rangers connection think he would be a good choice anyone else got other ideas.

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13 Jul 2020 10:23:18
Gerrard leave rangers to go to Bristol. Tht will cheer u up on a Monday morning ha van bronk no the right guy for the job would rather give Tommy Wright a crack.

13 Jul 2020 10:58:45
GVB not a bad shout at all. I was hoping gattuso would replace Gerrard one day tbh. But wee Gio would be bad! Tommy Wright suggested needs to go easy on the glue!

13 Jul 2020 11:02:53
Wee gio wouldn't be bad I mean!

13 Jul 2020 11:19:19
There is also barry ferguson and kevin Thompson but i think gio is ahead of them with experience and has won majour trophy so would be good shout for me anyway.

13 Jul 2020 11:32:59
Barry Ferguson and Kevin Thompson? No danger!

13 Jul 2020 11:52:18
I believe GVB would jump at the chance to manage the Gers! 🇬🇧.

13 Jul 2020 12:09:29
I think van bronkhorst will manage at some point in the future.
I'd be very surprised if SG left to go to Bristol city.

13 Jul 2020 12:10:03
Don’t think we will be trying to relieve kelts of their manager any time soon.

13 Jul 2020 12:21:48
Gattuso, van bronkhurst! I'd be trying for these 2 first imo!

13 Jul 2020 12:33:33
So? Leave Arsenal, who are in the top half of the richest league in the world and come to Rangers and play Livi on a plastic pitch. REALLY?

13 Jul 2020 12:34:13
Oops my mistake got mixed up with Arteta, back in my box!

13 Jul 2020 12:55:48
Gil on three million a season.

13 Jul 2020 12:58:33
Rino for me no disrespect to gio but think rino been in a far more better league to learn his trade than gio

Italian league far superior to dutch league.

13 Jul 2020 13:20:05
Rino ain't leaving an Italian job to join Rangers.

13 Jul 2020 13:32:07
StevieG is going nowhere . stop your nonsense.

13 Jul 2020 13:37:47
Micheal Laudrup would do a job.

13 Jul 2020 13:52:07
Ajp71 also great shout never thought of him.

13 Jul 2020 14:11:56
Molsgoals just speculating if gerrard was to leave whod be good choices to be next in hot seat not saying he is leaving or hoping he does leave be very happy if gerrard stays.

13 Jul 2020 15:07:48
Would love the Laudrup brothers! Michael has managed at the highest level and done well. Wasn’t long ago he was touted as the next Real Madrid manager. And Brian as assistant would be phenomenal.

Not sure about Rino - don’t think he did particularly well in his previous roles / feck knows how he got the Napoli job!

I know Gio won the league a few years ago but so did Frank De Boer and what’s happened to him. Don’t think the Dutch league is a good measure of success.

Give me the Laudrup brothers any day!

13 Jul 2020 15:33:42
Walter Smith for 1 more season with either GVB or Gattuso as assistant to learn from the master.

13 Jul 2020 15:44:44
Agbroxi rino or GVB don’t need to learn from anyone silly post and leave W Smith retired.

Rino won’t leave Napoli to come here I would take GVB in a heartbeat and I honestly think he would do better than SG to be honest.
But while SG is managed he has my full backing.

13 Jul 2020 15:59:06
Leave Walter alone!

13 Jul 2020 16:57:31
Kj how do we afford a manager currently on 3 million a year.

13 Jul 2020 20:28:54
Is SG not meant to be on big wages John? £2.5m+ a year was what I heard.

12 Jul 2020 19:36:04
Heard an interesting rumour today from a friend. He has heard rumours that should Everton buy Alfie the deal would be 10mil plus and the young striker moises Kean for season loan with possibility to buy same as the hagi deal. It will also include a 15 to 25% sell on clause.
Personally not sure I would want Alfie to go. Think there will be something special about him in the coming season. I think this will be the one he matures and shows everyone just how talented he is.

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12 Jul 2020 20:01:41
The buying of Morelos makes sense but can’t see them loaning Moise Kean out to be honest, if they did it would definitely not have a buy option.

12 Jul 2020 20:10:56
Everton payed 25million for that boy so doubt he’s coming to us on loan with a option for us to buy So imagine we sell Alfredo for 10 million then buy a 25million player if he does well Makes no sense.

12 Jul 2020 20:39:11
We couldn’t afford that kid so no chance it’s option to buy.

12 Jul 2020 21:00:49
Yip everton paid £25 mill for kean came from juve who probarly have a clause to in the deal if he is sold on etc

But would love to see the boy at gers but can't see it happening.

13 Jul 2020 00:56:43
As well as all the above valid reasons, why would we sell our top striker and most valuable asset for £10m when there is at least one far better offer lying on the table? I'm led to believe it is a total of £18.25m and it's from Brighton, so that's where any bidding should start. However, I think he'll be with us for another season.

13 Jul 2020 06:58:08
Covenanter I’ve heard these figures to from Brighton
U r right that should be our start point.

13 Jul 2020 10:18:21
Covenater I spoke to my friend again and its 10 million up front with add on for appearances, goals and international appearances.

13 Jul 2020 11:05:02
Just a question, why would we sell Morelos for only £10 million, how much would it cost to find as good a replacement?

13 Jul 2020 11:34:00
I think if el buffalo was to go to brighton we should try and get Neal Maupay to come the oposit way as he is out of contract and a great young striker.

13 Jul 2020 11:35:51
Agree jetmayfair but seriously think if we get offered 15 million with good add-ons like 10+ goals extra 5 million gets 5 starts for Columbia extra 5 million plus 10/ 15 percent sell on clause we should take it or 20 million with no add-ons and 10 percent clause think that would be fair given the current state of football.

13 Jul 2020 12:25:58
I honestly can't wait till we sell morelos! Cannot wait! The amount of hype and nonsensical love for this wee guy is beyond belief! he's a bomb scare! A disaster waiting to happen. A liability and all of you are too loyal because he wears a blue jersey! Where is all this he's a class centre forward coming from? he's a rangers fans worst nightmare!

13 Jul 2020 12:31:36
Morelos:- Red card after red card! Involves himself in everything that doesn't concern him no matter how many warnings and gets booked/ red carded! Consistently batteling fitness and weight issues! Misses super chances more often than not, costs us titles and trophys due to his behaviour and attitude! Let's his team and fans down time after time! Arrives late to training constantly! ****s off to columbia every chance he gets, arrives home jet lagged takes him weeks to get back to normal! But you all love him so much why?

13 Jul 2020 19:47:40
Take his goals out the last 3 seasons where would we be. Do you only post on here to slaughter morelos.

14 Jul 2020 08:52:22
Hwg55 your saying take his goals away the last 3 years where would we be What have we won the last 3 years? Yer hero morelos could be to blame for most of our downfall! Back up your comments!

12 Jul 2020 16:42:53
Being reported that young Gyamfi from Leicester FC is in talks with Rangers.

Undecided on this one.

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12 Jul 2020 17:23:00
Arsenal also in for him. Seems to have a good reputation.

12 Jul 2020 17:38:08
I will be delighted if we secure this young lad. Every report I have seen is positive!

12 Jul 2020 18:04:05
Not for first team.

12 Jul 2020 18:21:29
He looks like a Tav but can also defend solidly👍🏻.

12 Jul 2020 18:37:15
True blue and why not.

12 Jul 2020 18:38:00
True blue why would he not be for1st team? Leicester fams not happy about him leaving and expected him to make the grade this coming season. if he's rapid going forward and can defend well. then we have outselves a new right back.

12 Jul 2020 18:49:37
Totally agree Paul, at this stage looks better than Paterson, if he then shows better than tav that would be fantastic
Everyone bums about frimpong, he could be same for us.

12 Jul 2020 19:01:15
If he can defend thens he's better than tavenier right away.

12 Jul 2020 19:07:19
Think the LC fans thought he would be a good replacemnent if Chilwell left this Summer. don't know much about him but, hope he's a good addition to the squad if we get him.

12 Jul 2020 19:13:15
I have been looking into gymalfi. Looks good.
Liecster not happy he is leaving, alleged feyenoord, man unt, Arsenal and gers seriously interested.

12 Jul 2020 19:47:20
Let’s hope the boy joins us, understand very good chance he will. Definitely need competition for Tav. Interesting to hear Middleton at Leicester speaks highly of his time in SPL.

12 Jul 2020 19:49:24
Lets hope if he does sign then he can get a game at right back. Would be nice to have a right back that could actually defend and isn’t a self confessed bottle merchant.

12 Jul 2020 20:40:35
Yogi bear he wouldn’t replace Chilwell as he is a left back.

12 Jul 2020 20:52:19
Did not mean not for our first team - I was responding to earlier comment about good reports about him. Think he has only played for u21/ 23 so untried/ untested at senior level - time will tell.

12 Jul 2020 20:52:56
Gyamfi would be a coup if we manage too sign him boys got a lot in his drawer, he can defend well, not shy of a tackle, Will break up play N charge forward, he can shoot, he can cross, modern day right back, n could slip in to centre back too, hence Leicester want too keep him
Man u
Leeds n Newcastle
N quite a few others after him.

13 Jul 2020 02:03:44
i agree. a great signing and definite defensive challenger for tav who i could see moving up the wing positionally for some games.

13 Jul 2020 09:38:40
Looks a great prospect.

13 Jul 2020 09:45:57
It would be good to sign him or another capable RB as we do need one and from what I’ve seen of Patterson I Personally don’t think he has the quality to be a number one choice in the near future. I am however tired of people slaughtering Tav, 6counties for example “ If he can defend thens he's better than tavenier right away “.

As we all know defending isn’t Tav’s strongest area but the guy has contributed 46 goals and 74 assists (give or take a couple) over the past 5 seasons which for a RB is outstanding. It’s mentioned he’s caught out of position all the time but surely management has to take responsibility for that too?

If a player is constantly what be perceive to be out of position then the management need to correct that but they don’t which would indicate they ask him to play like a modern day full back in advanced positions and this is where cover on the counter must come from holding midfielders which for the amount we’ve had over the seasons very few have been good enough to do the job.

Barton, Holt, Halliday and so on (as much as I’m fond of the latter) Jack and Davis are the only two in my opinion that have been good enough. I believe if Tav was asked to purely defend then you would most likely see better defensive performances but he’s asked to take risks and as we’ve all seen has made mistakes which have directly led to goals but there’s also been times where there is an accumulation of errors from other players. misplaced pass, someone not tracking their man before it gets to Tav but he gets the blame.

I’m not by any means saying he’s perfect and immune to criticism from me but to say if another player can defend then he’s already better than Tav I think is unfair. I can’t defend his comments in the programme though but again. accumulation of errors. he shouldn’t have said it but who ok’d that to be published?

13 Jul 2020 10:15:17
El buffalo tav got away with it up until last season where the mistakes were more comical and his goals (penalties) dried up.

11 Jul 2020 18:03:32
Fredo to Lazio on Twitter?

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11 Jul 2020 18:12:43
front page in the daily rag, another load of garbage.

11 Jul 2020 18:55:41
I don’t think a rumour from twitter has ever came true.

11 Jul 2020 19:09:33
He is lazio main target this summer.

11 Jul 2020 19:36:29
Always in a hurry to shoot down rumours.

11 Jul 2020 20:32:21
Yip always someone knows better if there that good they should check there crystal ball see who we do sign and if we win 2020/ 21 title.

11 Jul 2020 21:28:45
INTR apparently you know all about lazio main targets 🙈 give your head a wobble you don’t know anything about who lazio want.

11 Jul 2020 22:12:19
Regardless of the rumours. i can't see morelos staying. We are supposedly looking at to many striking options for him to be staying, just my opinion not rumour.

11 Jul 2020 23:26:25
Prob has a contact in the lazio youth setup kj 👍.

11 Jul 2020 23:36:25
I don't think Morelos is going to displace Ciro Immobile somehow.

12 Jul 2020 03:52:52
Rfc loyal, we could be spuriously linked with 100 strikers, but it means nothing. That's why they're called rumours. I think Morelos is staying.

12 Jul 2020 07:25:21
Calm down lads fredo stays awesome he leaves wee will replace him with top quality wee are rangers wee are people.

12 Jul 2020 09:00:47
The Covenanter u r right re links to many players, it’s same most windows.
At least some of the players we r linked with have quality
Unlike, moshni, Kyle, sandakan, black, shields, templeton, forester et al.

12 Jul 2020 10:03:20
Hope the Lazio chat has as much cread as Stevie going to Bristol.

12 Jul 2020 14:03:49
Here we go I think you are right lol.

13 Jul 2020 09:34:26
Well I personally hope Alfredo stays, and starts the Famous on to a genuine 10 in a row,
And not the 9 3/ 4 the Celtic mob are aiming for.

11 Jul 2020 15:39:47
I have seen in the new today that we are intrested in Kristian Malinov from cska sofia and also Nikola Moro of Dinamo Zagreb i would love to get on of these guys as they have european experiance.

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11 Jul 2020 17:13:52
Where did you see the Moro rumour?

11 Jul 2020 17:50:47
Reports in italy Lazio main priority this summer is alfredo morelos.

11 Jul 2020 23:39:13
Moro is wanted by Premier league teams so i doubt he will be coming to Scotland. West Ham Norwich Burnley Everton and Southampton have all been linked with him.

12 Jul 2020 13:24:58
Where you seeing this Moro link then.

10 Jul 2020 18:17:46
What time is the medicals at 2day guys? Times getting on a bit.

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10 Jul 2020 19:29:36
Thers prob nae medicals happening cany even remember who said there was mate.

10 Jul 2020 19:51:04
People just post utter bs I think John25 has said they have been one booked for the last two Fridays and it didn’t happen.

10 Jul 2020 20:38:45
Kja9 I said Rogers was one booked and last Friday Katic had his scan.

10 Jul 2020 21:04:07
Rangers had one scan booked.

11 Jul 2020 00:26:45
Kamberi would be on the mate as he lives in Livingston area.

11 Jul 2020 10:15:47
Its the same every transfer season
and rangers never usually have straightforward transfers.

11 Jul 2020 14:02:53
Medicals are no where near the same as a scan troops.

11 Jul 2020 14:30:48
Correct dsgers but I’ll leave it to experts. Having said scans booked, the rangers announce Katic injury mb a link.
I also did say after the scan it was Katic who had it done.
In future I’ll not bother.

11 Jul 2020 15:53:03
Wasnt affending u john soz if it looked that way.

11 Jul 2020 19:38:19
Dsgers post was not pop at you but others.
Strange if u know something it’s made up but others who knock people repeat a post from ibrox noise or insider as gospel
Also others know a coach who updates them on everything.
Fact is we hardly ever get a signing right which is good, because I like how we r now trying to do business.

11 Jul 2020 20:29:59
Agree mate.

12 Jul 2020 03:56:14
You did say 'medical' then confirmed that, John, you never once said 'scan'. Maybe it's just your contact who made the error?

12 Jul 2020 08:42:20
I have looked at the post about the medical. someone came back and said we don’t do medical at Ross hall. I then said that is it where scans are done. Covenanter.
However I will keep stuff to myself in future.

13 Jul 2020 09:25:36
We really need to get the finger out with regards to signings! I think we need 2-3 players of quality that can walk straight into our first team! And quickly! This season is a must!


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